Rasika Dugal’s Postcards from Jharkhand

Rasika keeps you engaged with Jharkhand

Rasika Dugal’s Postcards from Jharkhand

Immersive Storytelling On Nat Geo

NatGeo says it’s an opportunity to explore, understand and appreciate the wonders of the state

New Delhi, July 22 (The CONNECT) 2022: From being the land of forests to a state that is embracing ecotourism, adventure and ancient tribal culture, Jharkhand has emerged to be a perfect destination if one aims to have a rendezvous with nature. With its authentic and immersive storytelling, National Geographic in India along with actor Rasika Dugal, will take its viewers on a mesmerizing journey through a film titled ‘Postcards from Jharkhand’ and have them step into the state’s rich scenic views, mosaic art and culture, letting them discover some of the unique experiences exclusive to the wondrous place. Premiering on National Geographic starting today, Rasika walks the viewers down a nostalgia lane; rediscovering and reconnecting with the land where from she belongs.

“At National Geographic, we strive to entertain and enlighten our viewers with powerful narrative and innovative visual-storytelling that push the boundaries of exploration. With this series, we have captured the unparalleled beauty of Jharkhand to give our viewers an opportunity to explore, understand and appreciate the wonders of the state. We are happy to have Rasika Dugal, who as a local, will make the experience even more authentic and enriching for our viewers.” said a National Geographic spokesperson

“Jharkhand is a hidden treasure house of nature, culture, and sustainable living. From traces of ancient human civilization to its picturesque natural beauty, charismatic heritage and the deep-rooted indigenous traditions and communities it’s a place you will feel at home. I am happy that in collaboration with Government of Jharkhand, National Geographic India has captured the story of Jharkhand through their unique lens in the most innovative way. Having someone like Rasika onboard, who hails from Jamshedpur, we are quite pleased to present an unseen Jharkhand like never before and welcome all the nature lovers and other travellers to visit and explore Jharkhand.” said ShriHemant Soren, Chief Minister – Jharkhand.

"Jamesdhpur and Jharkhand hold a very special place in my heart. And now, this exciting collaboration with National Geographic and Jharkhand Tourism, has given me a chance to embark on an adventure to explore and re-connect with my home state. The breathtaking views, incredible tribal community, art, culture, and, most importantly, the charm of this place has taken me back to my childhood days, making this journey even more memorable for me.” said Rasika Dugal.


The four 10-minute films include

  • Nature’s Haven
  • Off the beaten Track
  • Spiritual Soujourn
  • The Great Escape


From prehistoric rock art caves to the magnificent heritage temples and ancient monuments, the series sheds light on Jharkhand’s cultural landscape. With breath-taking cinematography showcasing captivating, lush forests, spectacular wildlife, pristine hill stations and heart-thumping adventures, Rasika, through an immersive National Geographic style of storytelling, shares her spiritual and wondrous journey while exploring the varied destinations spread across the state. Rasika also introduces the viewers to the diverse tribal traditions in Jharkhand along with tribal dance forms, Sohrai painting, local cuisines, and the architectural marvels of the state. From highlighting destinations like McCluskieganj, Nakta Pahad, Netarhat, exotic range of Dalma hills, Lodh falls, Hundru falls, Betla National Park to unique temples like Deori Mandir, Sun temple and Baidyanath Dham amongst others, viewers get a glimpse of the simplicity and serenity the state has to offer, through this series.


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