Book Reading: Hall of Mirrors

The author: Preeti Narang

Book Reading: Hall of Mirrors

Prodigal Love reflects truth of life around us

PREETI NARANG makes big statement. Love, trust, and human kindness have become a joke

This is the story of an Indian girl and the love of life, says the author Preeti Narang. A story of love, fate and destiny.

Prodigal Love, apparently based on true events, makes an interesting, racy reading.

The world is full of stories - Stories of dowry, stories of alimony, citizenship, abuse, assault and so on. Some people survive, some don’t. Some are strong enough to move on and live happily. Some move on but live with a subdued spirit. Some commit suicide, some resort to gambling, drinking

or drugs. Whatever way is suitable and workable for them.

Then, life around us poses several questions. Let’s pause, think and look within ourselves.

What has happened to us? What has happened to this world? Where are we all heading? Where has the humanity gone? Why is money the

ruling factor when it should only be a currency to facilitate things? Why is greed taking over everything? Why is corruption and injustice

becoming dominant?

Preeti makes big statement. Love, trust, and human kindness have become a joke. We are blessed with a us a beautiful world. The world we saw in our

childhood. The world we had twenty or more years ago. Why are we spoiling it with our deeds? Why is ‘trust only yourself’ notion becoming

true? Instead of being an authentic helper of people, why are we becoming sophisticated manipulators?

As I think of this beautiful planet fondly, it is a different world for men and a completely different for women. It is different for good people

and different for bad. Why?

Stray thoughts, they may sound. But aren’t they facts of life.

Life, as it is. unpredictable and tough and we are making it even tougher. During our childhood, we have been taught many stories about being contended with what we have. Greed will perish us. Yet, why do we have to snatch things from others? It is not about landgrab or stealthy behaviour.

Even the basic necessities such as food, house, education, healthcare have become so expensive that they are out of reach of the common man.

We all know, writes Preeti (and she is damn right) ‘One bad fish can spoil the whole pond,’ so should we try to throw the bad fish out of the pond or let the pond spoil? About ten to fifteen percent of bad people create problems for the rest of the good ones.

Can those good ones stand together and do something about those that are bad? Yes, we can, but in reality, we don’t because of our selfish reasons; for the fear of embarrassment, for the fear of death, for the fear of society, for the lack of time or something else.

Preeti wrote this book to spread awareness of just what can happen in today’s world. “I felt it was my duty, as we rarely come to know about such stories. I believe everyone should hear them, especially today’s youngsters and their parents, so they are more careful and also those who whine over every small issue in life. Consider yourself lucky if you are not part of such bigger problems.”

There are billions of beautiful hearts on this planet, but millions of

bad ones are ruining it and we need to do something about it. Can we at

least do our bit and be human?

‘Zindagi kitne ajeeb, pal dikhati hai!

Kabhi khushi to kabhi gum, de jaati hai!!

Hum jo sochein, hota nahin!

Fir bhi hamko koi, gila nahin!!

Himmat karke, badna hai humko!

Sapno ko poora, karna hai humko!!

Koi na samjhe, kya chahein hum!

Dil se jeena, chahein hum!!

Humko bhi huq hai, khush rehne ka!

Jeevan mein sab, haasil karne ka!!

Kuch to karke, dikhayeinge hum!

Warna ghut ke, mar jaeinge hum!!

Duniya ne jo, niyam banaye!

Kaise koi inmein, khush reh paaye!!

Khushi nahin to, jeena kyun!

Bin sapno ke, rehna kyun!!

Poochein hum, duniya se aaj!

Kya nahin unko koi, kaam kaaj?

Kyun dete hain, dakhal zindagi mein?

Kya nahin hain, unke koi sapne?

Ek hi zindagi, mili hai humko!

Apni tarah se, jeeinge hain hum!!

Kisi ki dadagiri, nahin saheinge hum!!

‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.’ Let’s show some courage and save our future. We are too precious to let disappointments enter our minds, and there is definitely more to life than money. Think about it.

Prodigal Love is quite thought provoking, as you can make out from these lines. Though the book is fiction, the last line is shattering and it sums up the state of the girls.

I strongly recommend to Preeti to come with a sequel to Prodigal Love and present solutions to the problems that raised. She has shown us the mirror. We can certainly change the reflections by beginning to change ourselves. It is never too late. Agree, Ms Preeti Narang?

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