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50 Glorious Years of Air Force Wives Welfare Association

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The pandemic has strengthened the will and resolve of AFWWA

The India-Pakistan War of 1965 brought with it trials and tribulations for families of Indian Air Force personnel, just as it did for the entire nation. Not only did the loss of their loved ones bereave many families, starting a new life without the physical and emotional support of the “Husband and Father” became a challenge. An institutional safety net was the need of the hour.
It was then that the seeds for the Air Force Wives Welfare Association or AFWWA were sown. The pioneering ladies of IAF conceived AFWWA as an organization that would help an air warrior’s wife in settling down in the Air Force Way of Life and for her journey thereafter. The seeds germinated on 28th October 1970 when AFWWA was formed as a registered body with a mission to provide assistance to the families of deceased, disabled, retired and serving personnel of IAF.
The day a young lady gets married to an Air Force Officer, Airman or Non-Combatant (Enrolled), she can volunteer to be a part of the AFWWA as a Sangini, literally meaning a Partner.

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