Happy Nirmohi and Dr Iyer

11 surgeries in 5 years, woman back to Bharatanatyam

Kohinoor Hospital - Mumbai Saves ghastly accident victim

People with traumatic brain injuries can resume their daily routine with prompt treatment, said Dr Vishwanathan Iyer, Neurosurgeon at Kohinoor Hospital

MUMBAI: A team headed by Dr Vishwanathan Iyer, Neurosurgeon at Kohinoor Hospital, performed a craniotomy on a 24-year-old woman who met with a road accident suffering  serious brain injury and slipped into a coma. She was on ventilator for 45 days. For 5 years, she underwent over 11 surgeries at the hospital. After 5 years, she resumed her daily routine and also continues her passion for Bharatanatyam.

Nirmohi Anil is a College Student.  Her life was smooth until March 2015 when the ghastly accident changed her life. Nirmohi was going to a restaurant when she met with a road accident at Kalina near her house. She was taken to a local nursing home after the accident for first aid care and was later shifted to Kohinoor Hospital as she became critical.

Dr Iyer said “On arrival, she was unconscious and went into a coma. Her family was shocked to know about her injury. We performed surgery to remove the clots and bone in both the sides of skull. Over years, she underwent 11 different surgeries to replace the bone flap and to treat water accumulation in the brain. She had been advised to take speech therapy and physiotherapy. Now, the patient is fine and Started her daily routine activities".

People often have a misconception that patients with a traumatic brain injury cannot lead a normal life but it is not at all true. “If a person meets with an accident then it is essential to give him the first aid at right time within 1-2 hours. One with a brain injury will take time to ovbercome it. But, remember one will need the family’s support during the course of the treatment,” said Dr Iyer.  

“We broke down after the news of Nirmohi’s accident. But we were determined to do whatever it takes to save her life. We are happy that our daughter received proper treatment over 5 years at Kohinoor Hospital and now she will be able to live a normal life like others. My daughter is brave and never gives up. She was able to deal with the injury due to her willpower. She is back at home and has started doing Bharatanatyam like earlier. I thank the doctors for helping her live the way she wants to,” said Nirmohi’s Mother Swati Anil.

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