COVID patient with tumour in heart saved

Dr Bhaklerao

COVID patient with tumour in heart saved

Suffered breathlessness, was on high O2 support

Patient recovers after surgery at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

MUMBAI, June 9 (The CONNECT) – Housewife Yogita Patil, 28, from Kolhapur was enjoying her blissful newly married life. Her happiness was short-lived as suddenly she started gasping for breath that was attributed to Covid-19.  She did not have history of breathlessness nor did she have any other health problems. Her family was worried and failed to get appropriate solutions even after consulting various medicos. She was put on oxygen support and referred to Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road 

Dr Upendra Bhalerao, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road said, “The patient came in an emergency on with symptoms severe shortness of breath, swelling over legs and was on high oxygen support. Dr. Anup Taksande Cardiologist evaluated her and her Echocardiography was done which revealed a 7 cm x 6.5 x 5 cm massive tumor in the right-side upper chamber (atrium) of her heart which was blocking the blood flow to the lungs. It was going across the tricuspid valve to the right lower chamber and to the pulmonary artery by occupying almost 80% of the right heart and there was minimal blood flow to the lungs. It was a cardiac tumor called myxoma and not treating her at the right time would have led to death. To her dismay, her Covid test came positive.”

Dr Bhalerao explained, “First the patient was aggressively treated with steroids and Remedesvir for Covid-19 and after 10 days, she underwent a high-risk surgery with removal of cardiac tumor. The tumor was completely removed from its attachment to the atrial septum. Her tricuspid valve could be separated from the tumor successfully. After 6-hour surgery and spending 4 days in icu, she was moved to ward and discharged home in a week after the surgery. Her heart condition is normal and she can now breath without any oxygen support and is having normal blood oxygen saturation. pathology was suggestive of myxoma which are benign (non-Cancerous) tumor and generally doesn’t recur after complete excision.

In the Covid era, the symptoms of other heart and lung conditions overlap with Covid 19. All patients should be thoroughly evaluated for their symptoms and treated for an underlying cause instead of dismissing it as Covid, doctors said.

“I was gasping for breath when I walked a few steps, climbed stairs, or tried sleeping. My married life was getting affected and I was unable to do any chores without ease. I would wonder what is wrong with me? My health deteriorated further and I was on oxygen support. I was dependent on my family members for eating food, drinking water and even getting up and sitting,” said Yogita.

She was shocked to know about the tumor in the heart. “I was very disturbed after knowing my covid 19 test result. After undergoing prompt treatment at Wockhardt Hospital, I am relieved that I can breathe freely now. As I heal and gain back my strength, I will resume my daily activities and I am thankful to the doctors for saving my life. I urge people to notice the changes that occur regarding their health and seek immediate treatment. Delay can lead to loss of life,” Yogita explains.

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