Work From Home Makes Bachelors Cook At Home

Work From Home Makes Bachelors Cook At Home

Bharat Matrimony Reports 4 lakh Success Stories

Online Matrimony Trends Report 2022 shows a whopping 280 million member logins from singles across India and abroad.

MUMBAI, Jan 23 (The CONNECT) – A total of 4,32,520 members confirmed meeting their life partner on Bharat Matrimony last year.

Online Matrimony Trends Report 2022 released today shows a whopping 280 million member logins from singles across India and abroad.

An average, of 13,000 interactions per minute happened between members to find their life partner. Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO,, said, “We are extremely glad to report over 4 lakh success stories in 2022 on Bharat Matrimony. It shows the trust and faith Indians put on our platform. On our part, we continue to remain focused on reaching out to every segment of the society with an endeavour to make help every Indian find a suitable life partner and lead a happy married life.”

Singles between 25 and 29 years emerged the clear majority on Bharat Matrimony – with Sundays being the most active time when online sessions peaked.

 “We noticed that certain engineering profiles increased by 18% and architects’ profiles increased by 10% y-o-y,” he said. Over 5 lakh IT and ITES professionals registered with in 2022 – a nod towards professionals from the software & tech space preferring online matchmaking.

In terms of interests like sports, the report revealed that badminton was the most preferred sport among women and, unsurprisingly, cricket for men.

Quite surprisingly, there were a sizeable number of men who shared cooking among interior designing and video blogging as their hobbies. Among women, the frequently listed hobbies included cooking, dancing, and social media activities. Clearly 2 years of pandemic has successfully hooked on Gen Z and Millennials to cooking at home!

The trend to watch out for in the coming year is the younger generation becoming more liberal with caste and community in 2022, close to 60% of Indian youth answered as being open to marry outside their caste & community while emphasising on compatibility based on lifestyles, hobbies, education qualifications and overall connection & rapport instead when it comes to choosing their life partner.

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