Hip Hip Hurray…Fruit Vendor Happy After Apollo Surgery

With hip pain, he couldn’t walk

The patient was operated using a novel implant known as Bioloy Dual Mobility Hip Implant, for the first time in Western India, at to Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai.

MUMBAI, Jan 20 (The CONNECT) – Thirty-eight-year-old fruit vendor Deepak Ingavle was jolted out of his normal life due to hip pain for six months. Deepak, the sole earner in the family was unable to walk or stand for a long time and was in pain due to his right hip pain. He would limp while walking and required assistance even while doing his daily chores.

He visited several medicos but nothing seemed to click.  He ultimately was referred to Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai wherein he got a fresh lease of life.

A team headed by Dr.Kunal Makhija, Orthopaedic and Joint replacement surgeon, successfully performed a total hip replacement surgery on Deepak using bioloy implants for the first time in Western India.

“On arrival, the patient complained of intermittent pain radiating from the right hip and limping,” narrated Dr Makhija. After reviewing his X-ray, it was found that his right leg was one inch shorter and hip movements were restricted to 30 % due to avascular necrosis of the hip.

Avascular necrosis of the hip is a condition in which blood supply to the head of thigh bone is reduced causing the head to distort in shape and size, normally the head of the thigh bone is circular in shape. In this condition, it becomes almost like a mushroom shape. Avascular necrosis is condition which is more common in males than females, it is mostly seen in middle aged people - 30 to 45 years. The most common cause is steroid use followed by idiopathic followed by alcohol use.  In India almost 16,000 cases of Avn Hip are diagnosed which will eventually lead to Hip Replacement, Dr Makhija explained.

In this patient’s case, the cause was idiopathic. The patient agreed to undergo total hip replacement surgery after appropriate counselling.

Dr Maknjija said total hip replacement is surgery in which head of thigh bone is changed with ceramic or metal implant and socket of pelvis bone is changed with metal implant too. The usual implants are titanium or chromium cobalt. But, this patient was operated using a novel implant known as Bioloy Dual Mobility Hip Implant. Bioloy is a titanium niobium nitride (TiNbN) with outstanding adhesive strength and has high resistance against wear, scratches, and corrosion. These implants have excellent biocompatibility, long-term chemical stability, abrasion resistance, and reduce bacterial prosthetic adhesion. The dual mobility helps in better stability of the implant, faster recovery, and achieves a better range of hip motions as compared to the standard implant.

Deepak was the ideal candidate for this type of implant as it has better longevity, offers better range of motion ideal for sitting on low lying seat and faster recovery.

The patient started walking on the very next day of the surgery.  It’s been 50 days after surgery, and he has started climbing three floors of the house, goes to his shop and market.

“I was shattered as the hip didn’t allow me to earn my livelihood and take care of my family. My family is dependent on me and I would only think about how to feed them,” Deepak said. “The pain was increasing and my health deteriorated. I would require assistance even while getting up from the bed, to sit, or even to visit the washroom,” he said and thanked Dr. Makhija and team at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai, for helping him deal with the problem. I can walk properly now,” he added.

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