NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur unit is born

Win-win for builders & buyers: NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur

NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur unit is born

To propel infrastructure development in the region

NAREDCO to unlock 10000 affordable homes from among 100+ members

MUMBAI, July 9 (The CONNECT) - NAREDCO Maharashtra announced the launch of their new unit in Ambarnath-Badlapur.

Ashok Mohanani - President, NAREDCO Maharashtra said, this will open up new affordable housing inventory for the prospective homebuyers who are looking to buy their dream home. “Under NAREDCO's umbrella, the homebuyers too will have a sense of trust and confidence. It will also boost the Government's policy of creating Housing for All by 2022,” he said.

The new unit will lead to the creation of an affordable housing stock of over 10,000 homes from their 100+ members. 

The prime objectives of NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur is to propel the infrastructure development in the region, enhance the water supply and its availability to the residential segment along with the policy-level resolution on river red line-blue line issues.

As much as 58% of around 149,000 homes launched in 2020-21 are located in the peripheral areas of the top seven property markets, showed data from Anarock Research. In 2019-20, the share of new launches in the peripheral locations was around 53% of about 207,000 homes launched in these cities. Out of the total units launched in 2020-21, MMR had 67% supply coming from such peripheral locations.

Ajay Thanekar, president, NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur unit said, “The Ambarnath-Badlapur region offers reasonably priced properties to buyers as compared to other locations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The location has several affordable properties on offer for buyers in the lower-income segment and is witnessing huge interest from end users and investors alike. Also, owning a residential apartment with natural beauty and serenity, far away from pollution is a dream home for every aspiring individual in the Mumbai city. At the time when real estate prices have undergone correction, this region with its upcoming infrastructure, scenic environs and affordable pricing can bring the homebuyers' dream come true.”

Due to its proximity to the upcoming Panvel-Badlapur highway, Metro connectivity via Thane, the area is expected to absorb the future growth in population, business and commercial activity in the region. The region is being speedily developed with modern infrastructure including basic civic amenities like schools, banks, hospitals, Municipal Council, post office, water supply and the markets nearby which has enhanced the real estate development there.

The inauguration of the new unit took place in the presence of NAREDCO’s senior leaders such as Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, national resident, NAREDCO; Rajan Bandelkar, Vice Chairman, NAREDCO Maharashtra; Sandeep Runwal, president-elect, NAREDCO Maharashtra; Prashant Sharma, Secretary, NAREDCO Maharashtra; Kamlesh Thakur, Joint Secretary, NAREDCO Maharashtra; Maulik Dave, Joint Treasurer, NAREDCO Maharashtra along with the office bearers from Ambarnath-Badlapur region - Sambhaji Shinde, Secretary, NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur unit; Laxman Vispute, Mr. Swami Darwin and Sanjay who are the Members of the NAREDCO Ambarnath-Badlapur unit.

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