Hiranandani Forays into NFT

Hiranandani Forays into NFT

To Express Gratitude Toward Engineers

Realtor Hiranandani’s NFT series is titled DreamVerse- Engineering Your Dreams

MUMBAI, Sep 14 (The CONNECT) -In an industry first, realty major House of Hiranandani today forayed into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) segment.

The brand’s maiden NFT series titled DreamVerse- Engineering Your Dreams is a limited edition of bespoke NFT that enables the Token owners to gain access to exclusive consultation with some of India’s leading design and staging experts who work with House of Hiranandani.

The NFT collection has been launched with an aim to pay an ode to engineers and architects who have helped create the unparalleled urban landscapes of the House of Hiranandani.

The company would use the NFT sales revenue to establish a fund to assist Bangalore Institute of Technology's underprivileged engineering students.

Prashin Jhobalia, Vice President — Marketing Strategy at House of Hiranandani said, with this move, the brand has established itself as a leader in technological adoption and innovation in real estate. “The purpose of this initiative is to illustrate our respect and gratitude toward engineers.  Our attempt is to motivate these young minds with research-based real estate creations and encourage them to work in a manner that would make a difference to society,” he said.

The real estate company will also provide home furnishing vouchers as an encouragement to begin designing one's ideal residence. The collection can be found on KoineArth's ngageN platform, an NFT platform for brands & creators and has partnered with Polygon, a globally leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.

In May 2022, global NFT sales stood at ~USD 3 billion and India stands strong as one of the top five most active countries in the NFT segment with over 1.50 million NFT users in the country. Web3 and Metaverse offer enormous potential to address important real estate concerns and the industry is likely to see massive innovation in the usage of emerging technologies to fuel growth in the space.

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