Badal Yagnik is New CEO Of Colliers as Ramesh Nair Moves on

Prasad and Yagnik

Badal Yagnik is New CEO Of Colliers as Ramesh Nair Moves on

Nair Joins Mindspace REIT As CEO

Badal is an exceptional leader and real estate industry veteran, said John Kenny,  Colliers’ ’ Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific.

GURUGRAM, Aug 17 (The CONNECT) - 17 Aug, 2023 – Leading diversified professional services and investment management firm Colliers today announced that Badal Yagnik has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, India, effective immediately.

Ramesh Nair, the firms’s earlier CEO Ramesh Nair is taking over as the CEO of Mindspace REIT, he himself posted on Linkedin.

Yagnik, based in Gurugram, will collaborate closely with Sankey Prasad, Colliers’ Chairman & Managing Director, India, to drive further growth and profitability for the firm.

“As one of the most well-known industry leaders in the real estate sector in India, Badal has accelerated the success of his clients to deliver some of the most successful real estate projects of impeccable quality,” John Kenny, Colliers’ Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, said. “An exceptional leader and real estate industry veteran, he has been credited with establishing robust cross-border teams while creating some of the most profitable businesses in India. We are excited to see him put his skills and experience to use, guiding our rapidly growing India business into its next phase.”

Sankey Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, India, said Badal has represented numerous corporations and professional service firms at local, regional, national, and international levels, successfully executing some of the most complex and marquee transactions in the industry.

“I am confident that Badal will drive stellar growth for the organization with his exceptional capabilities. He has a strong track record leading teams to deliver high value and supporting clients in achieving their business goals. With cutting-edge market expertise and remarkable strategic proficiencies, he will undoubtedly lead the industry into the future,” he said.

Colliers India has grown exponentially in the last four years and continues to be the fastest-growing real estate services firm in India, attracting top-quality talent and diversifying into emerging markets.

Badal said this is an incredible time for the Indian real estate industry, as the country is poised to deliver higher growth to the global economy. Colliers is well-positioned to enhance its market leadership further, he said.

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