AIS Decor - bringing interiors to life

AIS Decor - bringing interiors to life

Mumbai : When it comes to an impressive interior design material, glass undoubtedly tops the chart. It is one of the most used and chosen materials in the architectural industry. Glass has been used in doors, windows and building facades for ages; however in the recent times we have seen that the definition of glass has completely changed with its wide ranges and usage in residential and commercial spaces.

Asahi India Glass Ltd, India’s leading integrated glass company has been at the helm of innovation in glass over the last couple of decades. It offers an extensive range of interior and exterior glass products; AIS Décor is being one of them.

AIS Décor – is a back painted glass, specially designed to bring interiors to life with its vibrant shades. Its uniquely coloured opaque appearance is created by applying high-quality paint to one side of the glass, which is then oven-cured through a superior process. This not only ensures a lasting impression, but also makes living spaces look fabulous and increases the lifespan of the glass and stylishly highlights the beauty of the interiors.

AIS Décor is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to ensure a seamless finish. A versatile product, it can be used in a multitude of applications and is available in a variety of exciting shades. Solely intended for use in interior spaces, AIS Décor can be used largely in commercial spaces, retail outlets, corporate offices, hospitals, airports, hotels, and institutions as well as in residential spaces like buildings and homes.

Advantages of AIS Décor;

1.Simple application

2.Easy to use and maintain

3.Environment friendly manufacturing process

4.Humidity proof with a glossy finish to ensure a sophisticated look and feel

AIS Décor is available now in 34 shades, 27 of them have been newly launched in 5 exciting categories, i.e., Earthy, Pure, Serene, Vibrant, Metallic. 

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