Navi Mum Airport  Radar Shifted, Paves Way For Towers

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Navi Mum Airport Radar Shifted, Paves Way For Towers

50-floor buildings can now get AAI nod

CIDCO MD Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee said this has paves the way for faster development of buildings in the airport area.

NAVI MUMBAI, July 31 (The CONNECT) - Following persistence from city planner CIDCO, Airports Authority of India (AAI) has agreed to commence granting of height NOCs for buildings with planned elevation of more than 55.10m AMSL and up to the elevation of 160.10m AMSL based on Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) criteria as per guidelines specified by DGCA, for projects located within 20Km radius of the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA).

CIDCO vice chairman and managing director Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee said This has paved the way for faster development of buildings in the airport area.

He also tweeted that the Airport Authority of India has approved shifting of the site of ASR1 (Airport Surveillance Radar) to Dhakale Island from the present site near DPS Nerul.  This shall resolve several issues of height restrictions that evolved since 2018. DGCA Rules impose height restrictions within 2 km radius of ASR as tall buildings could interfere with signals. But, with the shifting of the radar, developers escape the restrictions.

“The collaborative teamwork and active support extended by all concerned officials in amicably resolving such a critical technical issue is highly commendable. This citizen-friendly decision will pave way for the smooth development of Navi Mumbai International Airport, complementing the growth of not just the surrounding NMIA area but the entire MMR region as a whole,” Dr Mukherjee said.

He appreciated the “Valuable co-operation” from officials of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and Airports Authority of India (AAI) to find a satisfactory solution to the technical difficulties related to the height limitation of buildings in Navi Mumbai International Airport Influence area.

The decision to give NOC to constructions in this area will help speed up the work of the model project. Also, the model project will contribute to the development of the entire Mumbai metropolitan region, he said

As per the Aviation regulations issued by MoCA, GoI, obtaining valid height NOC from AAI is mandatory, prior to grant of any Construction approval by the Local Town Planning Authorities, in respect of all buildings located within 20Km radius of any airport. AAI had restricted grant of height NOC’s upto 55.10m AMSL only, for all projects within 20Km radius of NMIA since Feb’2020, to avoid creation of possible obstacles within air space of NMIA.

Due to this, the developers and builders communities were facing difficulties in obtaining construction approvals, and occupancy certificates from the Local Town Planning Authorities in the Airport Influenced Area for various residential & commercial projects planned/ completed/ under progress since last more than 2 years. For this, the project stakeholders, developers, builders, and the general public have been requested by CIDCO to relax the condition regarding the height of the buildings.

The decision was jointly taken during the meeting held on July 22, attended by senior officials of Ministry of Civil Aviation, GoI, Airport Authority of India, CIDCO, NMIAL & IE-AECOM. AAI will generally start the process of issuing the NOC certificate from the first week of August 2022. The applicants have to make application to AAI for seeking permissions above 55.1 m AMSL

Realtor Rajesh Prajapati, head of CIDCO task force appointed by CREDAI MCHI, said the development will help developers as well as buyers and several project stuck for aviation clearances in Ulwe, Dronagi, apart form Palm  Beach Marg will get a major relief as this will speed up the process of obtaining the long pending occupancy certificates.

It is a good development and clears a lot of air, literally, in the development of realty estate projects around the upcoming airport, said NatConnect Foundation director B N Kumar sounding a note of caution. CIDCO, while leasing out plots left, right and centre, must take care of mangroves and wetlands. For instance, despite the recent snub by MCZMA in the case of a plot at Dronagiri, CIDCO has floated a  CRZ-restricted plot at Nerul.

“There is a general trend to brush aside environment lovers as the ones who are anti-development,” Kumar said and stressed that “we are not against development but it must be balanced with the environment protection."

CIDCO, NMSEZ and JNPA have been destroying the wetlands despite the warnings that these destinations of thousands of migratory birds must be protected, else they will create chaos in the sky and pose threats to aircraft, Kumar said in his tweets to CIDCO MD, quoting CIDCO-commissioned studies done by BNHS.

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