Modi, Best After Mahatma Gandhi

Modi @ 20: Dreams Meet Delivery

Modi, Best After Mahatma Gandhi

Rajnath Feels PM Is Symbol Of India’s Cultural Renaissance

India will root out terrorism in all its forms, even if it means crossing the border, if necessary, Rajnath Singh said.

GANDHINAGAR, Oct 18 (The CONNECT) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first leader after Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi to recognise the pulse of the people and communicate with them directly, according to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Speaking at the launch of the Gujarati edition of the book titled ‘Modi @ 20: Dreams Meet Delivery’, Singh said Modi “knows the needs and aspirations of India”. “He is bringing about a transformative change in the country. PM Modi is a symbol of India’s social reform, represented by the several programmes that have been launched in the past few years,” the Minister said. 

Modi is not just a Prime Minister or a leader, but a social reformer and a symbol of the country's cultural renaissance, Singh said in his praise.

The Prime Minister is not only working for the present, but for the future for the country, he added. Modi is at the pinnacle of power because people believe in him and he has connected them with the cultural and economic rejuvenation, Singh said. 

The Raksha Mantri asserted that India has today positioned itself on the Global High-Table due to PM Modi’s vision. “The whole world is witnessing India transform as a self-reliant country. A nation that does not accept anyone’s interference in its internal matters, but does not shy away from ensuring its participation in those issues which are related to the collective well-being. India is now playing the role of agenda-setters in the international system,” he said. 

The abrogation of Article 370 from J&K was an example of PM Modi’s decision-making ability, the Defence Minister said and opined “J&K has heralded into the era of peace and prosperity due to the decision”.

PM Modi has redesigned and redefined India's attitude against terrorism, stressing that the government has clearly said that terrorism and talks cannot go hand-in-hand. “We have made it clear that India will root out terrorism in all its forms, even if it means crossing the border, if necessary,’’ he said.

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