It Rains Govt Jobs As Poll Clouds Hover Over India here comes your appointment letter

It Rains Govt Jobs As Poll Clouds Hover Over India

51K Letters With Modi’s 9-Year Report Card Speech

In the last 9 years, the policies of the government are based upon a new mindset, constant monitoring, mission mode implementation and mass participation, PM Modi said

NEW DELHI, Sep 26 (The CONNECT) – Issuing 51,000 appointment letters to recruits for various government jobs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today spoke of the BJP’s rule achievements from Swachh Bharat to Women’s Reservation Bill.

Continuing his strong poll pitch, Modi referred to the soaring aspirations of the New India, and said “India has taken the resolve to become Viksit Bharat by 2047”. He underlined that in the next few years, the nation will become the third-largest economy in the world where the government employees will have a lot to contribute in the coming times. He emphasized that they follow the approach of ‘Citizens First. Noting that today’s recruits grew up with technology, the Prime Minister stressed making use of it in their field of work and improving the efficiency of governance.

The recruits who received the letters today, have been selected from across the country for various Ministries/Departments including Department of Posts, Indian Audit & Accounts Department, Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Revenue, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare among others. The Rozgar Mela is taking place at 46 locations across the country.

Modi said that the country is bearing witness to historic achievements. He mentioned the Narishakti Vandan Adhiniyam which has empowered half of the population. “Women reservation issue which was stuck for 30 years, has passed by both the houses with record votes. This decision took place in the first session of the new Parliament, in a way, it is a new beginning for the nation in the new Parliament”, Prime Minister Modi emphasized. 

Acknowledging the significant presence of women among the new recruits, the Prime Minister said that daughters of the country are making a name in every sector. “I feel immense pride in the achievement of the Narishakti and it is the policy of the government to keep opening new avenues for their growth”, he said. The Prime Minister noted that the presence of women in any sector has always led to positive changes in every sector. 

On the usage of technology in governance, he mentioned online railway reservations, the elimination of complexity of documentation by Aadhar Card, Digilocker, eKYC, gas booking, bill payments, DBT, and Digiyatra. “Technology has stopped corruption, improved credibility, reduced complexity, increased comfort,” said the Prime Minister, urging the new recruits to work further in this direction. 

In the last 9 years, the Prime Minister said that the policies of the government are based upon a new mindset, constant monitoring, mission mode implementation and mass participation, and have paved the way to accomplish monumental goals. Giving examples of campaigns like Swacch Bharat and Jal Jeevan Mission, the Prime Minister highlighted the mission mode implementation approach of the government where efforts are being made to achieve saturation. He also informed that projects all across the country are being constantly monitored and gave the example of the Pragati Platform, which is being used by the Prime Minister himself. He emphasized that it is the government employees who shoulder the highest responsibility of implementing the government schemes on the ground level. He noted that the speed and scale of the policy implementation get a boost when lakhs of youth join government services, thereby leading to a boost in employment outside the government sector and the establishment of new employment frameworks. 

Talking about GDP growth and the jump in production and exports, the Prime Minister mentioned the unprecedented investment in modern infrastructure. He talked about sectors like renewable energy, organic farming, defence and tourism that are showing a new vibrancy. India’s Aatmnirbhar Abhiyan is showing results in areas ranging from mobile phones to aircraft carriers, from corona vaccine to fighter jets. He said today, new opportunities are emerging for the youth.

The Prime Minister reiterated the importance of the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal in the lives of the country and the new recruits. He asked them to give the highest priority to teamwork. The Prime Minister said that the G20 became an event of our tradition, resolution and hospitality. This success is also the success of various public and private departments. Everyone worked as a team for the success of G20. “I am happy that today you too are becoming part of Team India of the government employees”, Prime Minister Modi said. 

Noting that the recruits have an opportunity to work directly with the government, the Prime Minister urged them to continue their journey of learning and make use of iGOT Karmyogi Portal to further their knowledge in their areas of interest. Concluding the address, the Prime Minister congratulated the appointees and their families and urged them to take the resolve of a developed nation in the next 25 years.

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