Humane Approach Towards Undertrials Must – PM

Justice must be seen as delivered - PM Modi

Humane Approach Towards Undertrials Must – PM

‘Need For A Dependable And Speedy Justice System’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a sensitive justice system is essential for a capable nation and a harmonious society.

NEW DELHI, Oct 15 (The CONNECT) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the state governments to work with a humane approach regarding undertrial prisoners so that the judicial system moves forward with human ideals.

Addressing the All-India Conference of Law Ministers and Law Secretaries via video message, Modi called for speedy disposal of undertrial prisoners.

“A sensitive justice system is essential for a capable nation and a harmonious society”, he said.

The Prime Minister pointed out the need for a dependable and speedy justice system for a healthy and confident society in a developing country like ours. He further added that the judicial system and various procedures and traditions in every society have been developing according to the needs of the time period. “When justice is seen to be delivered, then the faith of the countrymen in the constitutional institutions is strengthened. And when justice is delivered, the confidence of the common man goes up,” Modi said and pointed out that such events are very important for the continuous improvement of the law and order of the country.

Modi noted that the delay in serving justice has come across as the biggest challenge and the judiciary is working with utmost seriousness in this direction. Throwing light on the mechanism of alternative dispute resolution, the Prime Minister suggested that it has been put to good use in the villages of India for a long time and can now be promoted to the state level. “We have to understand how to make it a part of the legal system at the local level in the states”, Modi said.

Recalling the time when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Prime Minister said that the then government had introduced the concept of evening courts. He further explained that cases which were less serious in terms of sections were taken up by the evening courts which resulted in the resolution of more than 9 lakh cases in Gujarat in recent years. He also highlighted the emergence of Lok Adalats that have led to the disposal of lakhs of cases in various states and reduced the burden of the courts. “People living in the rural areas have benefitted immensely from this”, he said.

Describing the government, Parliament and judiciary as the children of the same mother called the Constitution, the Prime Minister said there should be no scope for competition of argument among the three.

“Be it the government, Parliament, our courts, all three are, in a way, the children of the same mother. So even though the functions are different, if we look at the spirit of the constitution, there is no scope for argument or competition. Like the children of a mother, all three have to serve Maa Bharati, together they have to take India to new heights in the 21st century”, the Prime Minister pointed out.

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