Govt Jobs In Double Engine States: PM

Govt Jobs In Double Engine States: PM

Large Scale Job Drives Across BJP-Run Areas

PM Modi noted that lakhs of youth in the country have received their appointment letters from the Centre in the last few months.

NEW DELHI, Feb 20 (The CONNECT) - Stretching his double engine doctrine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the job melas with recruitments have been going on across the BJP-ruled States.

Thus, Modi virtually admitting that such drives are not happening in non-BJP ruled states.

Addrtessing the Uttarakhand Rozgar Mela via video message today, he said that such recruitment campaigns are taking place all over the country in BJP-ruled states and union territories on a large scale. “I am happy that today Uttarakhand is becoming a part of it”, the Prime Minister said.

Highlighting the new experiments taking place in the country in the educational sector, the Prime Minister noted that most appointees would be serving in the field of education. “The new National Education Policy prepares the youth of India for the new century”, he remarked.

Modi highlighted the constant endeavor of the central and Uttarakhand government that every youth gets new opportunities based on their interest while getting access to the right medium to move forward. He said that the recruitment campaign in government services is also a step taken in this direction. The Prime Minister noted that lakhs of youth in the country have received their appointment letters from the Central Government in the last few months and expressed delight that Uttarakhand has become part of it. He informed The Prime Minister stressed breaking free from the old adage that the water and youth of the mountains are of no use to the mountains themselves.

“It is the constant endeavor of the central government that the youth of Uttarakhand return to their villages”, the Prime Minister highlighted the new employment and self-employment opportunities being created in the mountainous regions. Throwing light on the investments in infrastructural development in Uttarakhand, the Prime Minister said that the laying of new roads and rail lines is not only boosting connectivity but also creating many employment opportunities.

Modi said that job opportunities are getting a boost everywhere and gave examples of construction workers, engineers, raw material industries and shops. He also noted the new opportunities being created due to an increase in demand in the transport sector. He pointed out that earlier the youth from rural areas of Uttarakhand had to travel to big cities for employment but today, thousands of youths are working in common service centres providing internet and digital services in villages. 

He highlighted that the Mudra Yojana is playing a crucial role in boosting employment and self-employment opportunities in the tourism sector. Giving examples of shops, dhabas, guest houses, and homestays, the Prime Minister highlighted the loans up to Rs 10 lakh being provided to such businesses without any guarantee. “38 crore Mudra loans have been given across the country so far. About 8 crore youth have become entrepreneurs for the first time”, the Prime Minister said.

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