Double Engine Hauls Mumbai

Modi take a metro ride

Double Engine Hauls Mumbai

PM launches BJP poll campaign, blasts past govts

PM Narendra Modi said the pair of Shinde ji and Devendra ji will realise the dreams Maharashtra.

MUMBAI, Jan 20 (The CONNECT) - Blowing the ruling BJP’s bugle for the Mumbai civic polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated, dedicated and unveiled the foundation stones of multiple development initiatives in Mumbai harping on ‘double engine’ government benefits for the City.

Modi yesterday initiated the transfer of approved loans of over one lakh beneficiaries under PM SVAnidhi Yojana. The projects include dedicating to the nation Mumbai Metro Rail Lines 2A & 7, the foundation stone ceremonies for the redevelopment of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and seven sewage treatment plants, inaugurating 20 Hinduhridaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Aapla Dawakhanas, and starting road concretisation project for around 400 kilometres of roads in Mumbai.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister said that today’s projects will play a major role in making Mumbai a better metropolitan and congratulated the beneficiaries and Mumbaikars. “This is the first time since independence that India has the courage to turn its dreams into reality”, Modi recalled the previous period in India where only poverty was discussed and getting aid from the world was the only option. He also highlighted that this is the first instance when the world is showing faith in the resolve of India. 

He said that as Indians are eagerly awaiting a developed India, the same optimism for India can be seen in the world.  This positivity, said the Prime Minister, is because of the belief that India is putting its capabilities to good use. “Today, India is full of unprecedented confidence. Drawing inspiration from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the spirit of  ‘Suraj’ and ‘Swaraj’ is strongly evident in the double-engine government”, the Prime Minister said.

Modi remembered the era of scams which harmed the nation and crores of citizens. “We have changed this thinking and today India is spending on its physical and social infrastructure with a futuristic thinking and modern approach”, the Prime Minister said. He continued that while housing, toilets, electricity, water, cooking gas, free medical treatment, medical colleges, AIIMS, IIT, and IIM are expanding rapidly, Modern connectivity on the other hand is getting the same push. “Work is going on both, today’s needs and future possibilities”, he said. The Prime Minister stressed the role of cities in the creation of Viksit Bharat. He said that during the Amrit Kaal, many cities of Maharashtra will drive India’s growth. ‘That is why preparing Mumbai for the future is one of the key priorities of the double-engine government’ he said. Shri Modi gave the example of the Metro in Mumbai and said that in 2014 Mumbai had 10-11 Km long Metro route, with double engine government Metro got a new speed and scale as Mumbai is rapidly moving towards a 300 km Metro network. 



Prime Minister Modi stressed that even in these tough times India is providing free ration to 80 crore citizens and making unprecedented investments in infrastructure development.

“This indicates the commitment of today’s India and is a reflection of the concept of a Viksit Bharat”, he said.


The Prime Minister informed that work in mission mode is being carried out across the country for the advancement of Indian Railways and Mumbai Metro and local trains are also benefiting from this. He noted that the Double Engine Government strives to give an experience to the general public of the same advanced services, cleanliness and speed of traveling that were only within the reach of the people who had resources. As a result, the Prime Minister said, the railway stations of today are being developed like airports, and one of the oldest railway stations in India, the Chhatrapati Maharaj Terminus is going to get a facelift as part of this initiative and will be developed as the shining example of the India of the 21st century. “The main objective is to make better services available for the general public and create ease of traveling experience. He also added that the railway station will not be limited to services related to railways but will also act as a hub for multimodal connectivity. “All modes of transport, be it bus, metro, taxi or auto, every means of transport will be connected under one roof and this will provide seamless connectivity to all travellers” the Prime Minister said as he informed that such multimodal connectivity hubs will be developed in every city.                

The Prime Minister informed that the city of Mumbai will get a facelift in the years to come with the technological advancements of Mumbai Local, expansion of the Metro network, Vande Bharat trains and advanced connectivity faster than the bullet train. “From poor labourers and staff to shopkeepers and huge business owners, living in Mumbai will be convenient for everyone”, the Prime Minister said. He also informed that traveling to Mumbai from the neighbouring districts will now become easier. The Prime Minister highlighted that projects like Coastal Road, Indu Mills Smarak, Navi Mumbai Airport, France Harbour Link and such projects are giving new strength to Mumbai. He also observed that projects like Dharavi Punarvikas and Old Chaul Developments are getting back on track and congratulated Shri Eknath Shinde and his team for this remarkable achievement. The Prime Minister also touched upon the work taken up today for the improvement of roads in Mumbai and remarked that it showcases the commitment made by the double-engine government. 

The Prime Minister said that work is on for the complete transformation of Indian cities. Solutions are being found for wide-ranging urban problems such as pollution and cleanliness. Electric mobility infrastructure, Biofuel based transport system, mission mode focus on hydrogen fuel, waste-to-wealth movement and water treatment plants for ensuring clean rivers are some key steps in this direction. “There is no dearth of capacity and political will for the development of cities. Still, development cannot be realised in a city like Mumbai, till the time urban local body also has the same priority for rapid development. That is why the role of the local urban body is critical in the development of Mumbai”, said the Prime Minister as he emphasised the need for proper utilisation of the money allocated to the Metropolitan. 

He also warned against politicising development. He regretted that the past schemes like SVANidhi which has benefitted 35 lakh street vendors with an affordable and collateral-free loan, even in Maharashtra has 5 lakh beneficiaries, was hampered in the past due to political reasons. For this he stressed the need for perfect coordination and a system that works in sync from Center to Maharashtra to Mumbai. He reiterated that SVAnidhi is much more than a loan scheme and termed it as a foundation of self-respect for street vendors. Praising the beneficiaries, the Prime Minister lauded the fact that they have done digital transactions with rupees 50 thousand crores in a short span of time. “Digital India is a live example of the fact that when Sabka Prayas is there nothing is impossible”, he said.

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister told the street vendors, “I am standing with you. If you take ten steps, I am ready to take eleven.” He expressed the belief that the country will achieve new heights with the work and dedication of smallholders in the country who will create a huge change. He congratulated the people of  Mumbai and Maharashtra for the development works of today and assured them that the pair of Shinde Ji and Devendra ji will realise the dreams of Maharashtra.

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