Transparent Taxation - Much Needed

Anshuman Magazine, CBRE

Transparent Taxation - Much Needed

Good for the economy

By Anshuman Magazine

(Chairman & CEO - India, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa, CBRE)

The launch of a transparent taxation platform by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a positive step by the government to strengthen our economy. This further simplified platform will make the process of paying the tax and filing for the return easier and more transparent. This will also ensure that more people join the taxation process willingly and contribute their bit towards nation building. Government’s commitment towards easing compliances through extension of statutory timeliness for filing returns and releasing refunds has already uplifted the taxpayers’ sentiment in the past. The new tax regime will also bring the confidence of investors back into the system and we hope that it will play a crucial role in bringing the economy back on its path to recovery.


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