I-Day, My Day

Not mere holiday,what it means to us

Freedom to pursue dreams!

Seventy three years have elapsed. A day to be grateful for all the freedom that we enjoy!!!. Independence to me is about making my own personal choices, taking my own decisions the right ones! Fending for myself and not being dependent on anyone for any monetary gains or materialistic needs. But absolute freedom.

As Managers and team leaders in any organizations we need to make our team members independent to take their own decisions and own them up. May we also learn to adapt to new situations. This is a very difficult year for all of us for fighting against the pandemic .Even the corona will pass…we will come out stronger in the days to come. Let’s come together for the betterment of India. This is resurgent India. This is also a moment to remember all those who have sacrificed for all of us.

 What will independence give an individual? It gives freedom of thought, Freedom of action, freedom to live gracefully.

This Independence day is very special to me due to my superannuation from service which also means now I make my own choices of what I want to do, contribute for the upliftment of society. Enjoy my life to the brim by unleashing my creativity & dedicating my time to pursue my passion. Its freedom to realise my dreams.

I wish to be independent for the rest of my life. Best wishes,


-Former GM (Corporate  Communication) NTPC Ltd.

It’s not just another Holiday!

74 years ago, India became a democracy; India got the right to produce its own goods, make its own laws – the kind of freedom which we now take for granted. I am not questioning patriotic zeal here, for most of us here; Independence Day is just another holiday. We are probably grateful for the holiday, not the occasion. And as patriotic as we may claim to be, that freedom is just some vague idea, some vague names and dates and places, some vague struggles, some vague grainy black-and-white pictures straight out of school history textbooks. Things have changed radically since; things have improved by leaps and bounds.

Independence Day, today, to me means a world of opportunities, options waiting to be explored and dreams to be actualized… Some common dreams shared by our ancestors and some personal individual dreams…the foundations for both were laid by centuries of effort, which we celebrate today. It is about making my own choices, my own decisions, fending for myself and not being dependent on anyone for my monetary or materialistic needs. 

“With great freedom, comes great responsibility”

The responsibility here means to consider “how my decisions would affect others”. With family being as strong an institution it is, I will have to always consult my family in all the major decisions of my life – today, my parents and wife… and tomorrow, my children too. With great responsibility also comes this overwhelming burden of having to choose what is right and what is wrong, which we all would rather share with someone. But absolute freedom to me would be the freedom to ASK for someone’s assistance or advice and not have their opinions thrust on me. This is what independence means to me.

And for the kind of freedom I was born with, that I enjoy today and take so much for granted, but for which so much blood was shed, I salute my Motherland and all those responsible for giving me this kind of freedom. As much as I realize I can never feel the way they felt, I am grateful for this legacy they have handed down.

  • PR Practioner


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