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A BNC Exclusive: We are not born equal!

Everybody, yes every body is different

Make your fitness routine interesting with 7 simple habits, writes AMIT VASISTHA, CEO and Founder, GALF

At GALF we get many queries about our clients suddenly finding their fitness routines boring and repetitive; causing them to get off track. Several individuals take up challenges on hitting the gym every day, losing weight, building a set of abs but tell us that they aren’t able to follow through with these resolutions. Nippy weathers aren’t helpful either, as pulling oneself out of the bed becomes difficult. Hey ... We totally understand you. Here are 7 great habits that shall help you go a long way:

1) Wherever possible try to work out with group of friends and like-minded people who are driven. Working out in group not only keeps one motivated and excited. It also helps one learn new activities (Don’t forget Social Distancing Though)

2) Try not to get fixated about only one form of exercise. If someone was to be making you eat same food everyday; We surely guess that the interest won’t last long. Plan your workouts a week in advance, make them comprehensive and span them across various types of activities. e.g spinning, swimming, running, cycling, weight training etc. Post workout stretching is a must

3) Plan and prepare about which muscle group you want to focus on in a day and which activity you want to undertake. Trying to do too many things in a single day doesn’t give much of satisfaction and one loses focus. Rather take things up one at a time and give it your all to achieve your goal properly.

4) Have a target of how many calories you want to burn. Excess workout is one of the major causes of people losing interest and needless to say causing injuries too. Give yourself a target and build up eventually. Slow and steady.

5) Focus on good nutrition. Unhealthy eating habits make it difficult to see results and needless to say makes you lazy and demotivated. All the effort you put into burning calories and working to tone those muscles gets negated if you’re eating unhealthily. Don’t starve your body, just learn to keep your diet moderated in a healthy manner.

6) Understand your body well. Someone’s extensive workout post on social media may make you envious or conversely inspire you to imitate their way or push yourself harder. It is definitely good to seek motivation but one must be careful and ensure that they don’t lose charge of themselves while doing so. Everybody is different and must be catered to in the right manner.

7) Remember you are your own competition and your own hero. Work hard but also rest well. And most importantly, do it for yourself.

Stay focussed and Keep Spreading Wellness ...

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