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That's CSR! JP Infra plants 500 trees at SGNP

In association with Maharashtra Forest Dept

Trees are more critical now than ever before, says JP Infra

MUMBAI, June 19 (The CONNECT) Realtor JP Infra Mumbai Private Limited has planted over 500 trees at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai in association with the Maharashtra Forest Department, Thane. Teams comprising of residents, employees and enthusiasts participated in this tree plantation drive to boost awareness among all stakeholders about the importance of the environment.

Commenting on the initiative, Shubham Jain, Managing Director, JP Infra Mumbai Private Limited said, “As a real estate developer JP infra believes in enhancing the people’s livelihood with a healthy ecosystem. By this small initiative we just wanted to spread awareness between the interdependence of humanity and biodiversity.”

Trees are responsible for maintaining biodiversity, conserving water, preserving the soil, cleansing the air, controlling the climate, and providing shelter and nesting for the fauna of the region in which they are planted. Nowadays, with an exponential increase in pollution rates and relentless deforestation due to human activities, tree plantation has become more critical than ever.

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