Raicar to Head Cathay SAMEA Region

Raicar & Cathay - 30 yrs of togetherness!

Raicar to Head Cathay SAMEA Region

Been in the airline for 3 decades

Rakesh Raicar says Cathay vision is to be one of the world’s greatest service brands

MUMBAI, Apr 19 (The CONNECT) - Cathay Pacific, the award-winning Hong Kong based airline, has appointed Rakesh Raicar as the airline’s new Regional General Manager for South Asia, Middle East and Africa (SAMEA).  

Raicar who has over 30 years of experience working with Cathay Pacific, will take over from Mark Sutch. Based in Mumbai, India, Raicar would be responsible for the growth of the airline’s business and operations in the his regions.

Raicar began his career with Cathay Pacific in 1992 and has held several roles through the course of his tenure including Regional Marketing & Sales Manager, South Asia and Country Manager, South Africa and Indian Ocean. His most recent role was General Manager – South West Pacific.

Raicar said, “My journey with Cathay Pacific has been very enriching. I began with my career with the airline in India and it is a privilege to once again be part of this wonderful team.  Cathay Pacific has always seen SAMEA as an important region in the network to grow our passenger and cargo business.”

“As an airline with a vision to be one of the world’s greatest service brands, we continue to stay true to our brand ethos and move forward for our customers and partners by offering them a series of enhancements and services across our business verticals.”

Rakesh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Mumbai and a post-graduate diploma in Marketing from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

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