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Paytm offers free Soundbox to merchants

To prompt shopkeepers to go digital

Paytm soundbox has helped in building trust on digital payments, the company said.

MUMBAI, July 15 (The CONNECT) - India's leading digital financial services platform Paytm today announced that it is offering merchants across the country with the opportunity to own a Paytm Soundbox at effectively zero cost. The company is offering the device, also known as Paytm Speaker, at a massive 40% discount for Rs 299 on buying it using the Paytm for Business (P4B) app. Merchants or business owners who register 50 transactions in a month will get an assured cashback of Rs 60 every month for five months, effectively bringing the price of the device down to zero.

The company believes that this offer would help small shopkeepers across the country adopt digital transactions and start accepting and making online transactions. The company is increasingly witnessing adoption of Paytm Soundbox among merchants, as it easily accepts digital payments and helps them track all transactions, saving them from being duped by customers showing fake screens and false confirmations. The device is available in several regional languages which helps them to get the transaction confirmation in their mother tongue.

A Paytm Spokesperson said, "Paytm Soundbox has been one of our most successful devices in empowering merchants across the country with a digital payments instrument. It has helped in building trust on digital payments amongst users. We hope through this offer more merchants will adopt its services."

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