House of Hiranandani celebrates I-Day with sustainable flags

Mumbai: Realtor House of Hiranandani celebrated the 73rd Independence Day in an environment friendly way.  With an aim to avoid any disrespect to the national flag and protect the environment by discouraging use of plastic flags, the organization distributed over 500 sustainable flags among its employees in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

These sustainable flags are made of seed paper, a handmade bio-degradable paper that includes plant seeds like Marigold, Poppy, Balsam, Celosia, and Gaillardia. Post celebrations, the bio-degradable paper can be soaked in water and planted in soil to be grown in to saplings.

Mohan Monteiro, Chief Human Resources Officer, House of Hiranandani said, “We often see our national flags lying on the street after the Independence Day celebrations, and they usually take a long time to decompose. These sustainable flags allow us to safeguarding the sanctity of one of our nation’s symbols.

Our sensitivity towards the environment encourages us to take up sustainable initiatives that are aimed at creating and preserving the green cover around us. The plantable seeds will enable us to grow more trees. We have already educated our team on planting the seeds and have urged them to take care of the saplings.”he added.

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