Growing TresVista is Expanding, too

Growing TresVista is Expanding, too

One lk sq ft facility opens in Pune

TresVista Services over 1,000 clients across 80 countries

PUNE, July 26 (The CONNECT)  - High-end business management consultancy form TresVista announced the expansion of its Pune delivery center spread across 100,000 sq. ft.

The firm currently has a presence in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, New York, London and Singapore and provides high-calibre support and operating leverage for over 1,000 clients across 80 countries and diverse asset classes.

The new space, also its largest delivery center in India, will accommodate 700 employees, taking the overall capacity for their Pune office to 1,300. Aiming for a friendly, comfortable and efficient workspace, the new office comprises a library, a medical room, and an open recreational room.

The space is intended to bring seamless integration for all company functions, with an emphasis on establishing an inclusive ecology. The organization also promotes a tranquil environment by building open areas, breakout spaces and pantries to incorporate an adaptable working style and an engaging, collaborative work culture into the infrastructure.

TresVista places high importance on training and development and understands the need to update and refresh every employee's skill set. It is part of the organization's culture to expand and diversify one's knowledge set constantly. Keeping these values in mind, the new office space has a state-of-the-art training center with over 120 seating spaces and sound-proof partitions.

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