Chef Aanal Kotak?s The Secret Kitchen comes to Surat

Chef Aanal Kotak?s The Secret Kitchen comes to Surat

SURAT: Celebrity Chef Aanal Kotak, who ranks among India’s Top 50 Food Entrepreneurs, recently opened a new branch of her most-lauded restaurant The Secret Kitchen here. The launch comes after successful launches in Vadodara and Ahmedabad, where Chef Aanal has made the cities go wow over her delicious food.

A special feature of this launch was her collaboration with The Robinhood Army wherein she has pledged to deliver at least 10 food packs for underprivileged kids. The restaurant was inaugurated by these kids who cut the inaugural ribbon. Chef Aanal baked a giant Ghari Cake, which was cut by these children after which they relished the menu served at the restaurant.

Chef Aanal created approximately 400 Gharis with flavors like rose petal and cinnamon, marigold and cardamom and tea masala. All these Gharis were incorporated in the larger cake assembled in the form of letters that read SURAT.

Speaking on the occasion, Chef Aanal, said, “It has been a long but eventful journey to where I am today, and I am thankful to everyone who supported me in my endeavors. While initially there was not much belief in my efforts, over time, my hard work and the fact that I chose to continue in this path proved people otherwise. I am also very proud to be associated with The Robinhood Army for a cause that is very dear to me. I believe that if every restaurateur starts cooking for 5 underprivileged kids every day, along with their staff food, then at least 150 people can be fed every month from each restaurant.”

A Gujarati to the core and a food lover, Aanal spent countless hours in the kitchen before transforming from a simple Ahmedabad girl into a coveted celebrity chef from Gujarat. Her passion for cooking first came to fore when as a 12-year-old, she took up the responsibility of preparing food for 50 people after the appointed cook didn’t turn up at the last minute.

Chef Aanal’s husband supported her passion and together they set up the first-ever fine dining restaurant in Gujarat called The Secret Kitchen. Her cooking talent, entrepreneurial acumen, and passion soon led her to become the first chef to introduce Gujarati fine dining to the haute-cuisine world. What followed next was her most loved restaurant, ‘Aanal Kotak’s Akshada’.

Prior to baking this huge Ghari cake, Chef Aanal’s passion and commitment to the society materialized into a massive 750-kg plum cake on Christmas. She spent 110 hours with her team preparing the 56 feet long cake that got her name into the World Record of India.

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