First Prize Winner Ram Kiran Reddy the prize money from Sajjanar

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Cyberabad cops hold Road Safety Film contest

HYDERABAD, Dec 25, 2020. (BNC Network) - Cyberabad Traffic Police (CTP) have become model police for their Road Safety related innovative initiatives, said Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar. 
Speaking at the 2nd awards presentation function of Short Film Contest on Pedestrian Safety, in association with SCSC(Society for Cyberabad Security Council), Sajjanar appealed to the film industry  to use their talent pool and skill set to make use Road Safety as a subject line in their upcoming films and also make some awareness films for public safety.
Ram Kiran Reddy for his film 'The Right Way', Nitish Singh 'Another Chance' and Prashanth Rathod 'The Crowd' emerged first three winners and walked away with Rs 50,000/-, 30,000/- and 20,000/- prize money respectively.
Some of the key messages given in the short films are:
You are a zero, not a hero if you break the traffic rules said T, Kalyan.  Manojit Reddy said, 'life doenst have rewind button, better be careful’.  Walk for life. Safety begins at home,  Divyasree gave message in her film.  Life is not just yours.  There is a family depends on you. It is not fair to leave them behind conveyed Teja Chowdary in the film.  Foot path is for pedestrians and Road is for vehicles.  The problem arises when both collide said Jakkula Samanvita  in the film titled 'That Moment".

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