Yogi’s Mission Shakti 4.0 To Focus On Operation Mukti

FM Nirmala Sitharan @ Mission Shakti 3.0 last year

Yogi’s Mission Shakti 4.0 To Focus On Operation Mukti

To Rescue Kids From Marriages And Labour

Uttar Pradesh will launch the fourth phase of its women empowerment program on May 6

LUCKNOW, Apr 30 (The CONNECT) - Uttar Pradesh will launch the fourth phase of its women empowerment program, Mission Shakti, on May 6 With initiatives focusing on safety, employment and hygiene, Yogi’s ambitious Mission Shakti aims to uplift and benefit women from all sections of society.

Director of Women's Welfare Department, Manoj Rai stated that the efforts of department during coming week will be primarily focused around prevention of child marriage and eradication of child labour.

“Under Mission Shakti Phase 4.0, we will conduct a massive campaign ‘Operation Mukti’ for awareness and rescue against child marriage and child labour from May 1 to 7. During the campaign, Women and Child Development Department will coordinate with other departments/authorities like District Magistrate, Police, Health, Labour, Education and Child Services and Nutrition among others, along with Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) , Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU), Child Welfare Committee, District Legal Services Authority, voluntary organizations and various childline representatives,” informed Rai.

Under the campaign, the entire operation will be conducted by dividing the work among the teams of different concerned department. The pre-determined protocol will be followed and the identity of the children will be kept confidential. All the concerned departments will be informed before the rescue and later the food, travel, medical, shelter, homecoming facilities will be arranged without delay for the rescued children.

With the objectives of safety, dignity and self-reliance of women and children, Mission Shakti was launched with 27 departments on 17 October 2020. Moving beyond women and working towards creating gender equality, the flagship campaign of the Yogi Adityanath government ‘Mission Shakti’ has sensitized over 8.7 crore people between April 2020 and December 2021.

‘Haq ki Baat Ziladhikari ke saath’, ‘Guda - Guddi Board’, ‘Heroine’, ‘Ananta’, ‘Betiyon se samman’, ‘Gender Champions and Meritorious Girls Honour’, ‘Prashasan ki paathshala’, ‘Awareness on mental health and psychosocial issues’ were some of the major programmes conducted under the campaign .

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