Xmas Challenge: All-India Coding Championship

Xmas Challenge: All-India Coding Championship

Open to Students of 6th to 12th grade

CuriousJr App-sponsored All India Coding Championship raises prize money to Rs 20 lakhs

NEW DELHI, Dec 9 (the CONNECT) - CuriousJr, an online coding platform for kids, is gearing up to host its second edition of All India Coding Championship for kids, with scholarships available for students from grades 6th to 8th, and 9th to 12th. Registration for the competition on CuriousJr App has already commenced. The competition will be held on the app itself on 25th December 25, 2022.

The competition, which is divided into two categories: grades 6th to 8th and 9th to 12th.The students of group 1 will be tested in block-based coding while students from group 2 will be tested in Javascript. Scholarships will be awarded to the top 500 students in each category along with certification, the scholarship has been raised to 10 lakh for each category. 

Mridul Ranjan Sahu, co-founder of CuriousJr, said, "The previous editions were very successful and got us recognition and appreciation by students from various parts of the country, we are sure that this year's edition will only add to this and we are expecting more number of students to participate in this."

Students can apply on the CuriousJr app. The total time of the competition will be 4 hours with group 1 starting at 10am and group 2 at 2pm. A problem statement will be displayed on the screen, and participants will have to code and solve the problem.

"The aim of this championship is to inspire more students to take up coding and to create an energetic atmosphere among students who want to pursue coding,”Sahu added.

The All India Coding Championship allows  young protégés from all around the country to compete in a national level championship alongside their fellow programmers. This allows kids to shine bright and demonstrate their potential.

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