WHO sounds ‘acute’ hepatitis alarm

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WHO sounds ‘acute’ hepatitis alarm

650 cases reported, most from UK & US, cause-unknown

Who Reports - Acute Hepatitis Of Unknown Aetiology In Children - Multi-Country

GENEVA, May 28 (The CONNECT) - About 650 “probable cases” of acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology in children have been reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 33 countries.

The WHO said another 99 cases are pending classification

The aetiology of this severe acute hepatitis remains unknown and under investigation; the cases are more clinically severe and a higher proportion develops acute liver failure compared with previous reports of acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology in children, the WHO said.

It remains to be established whether and where the detected cases, across the five WHO Regions between 5 April and 26 May 2022,  are above-expected baseline levels. The WHO assesses the risk at the global level as moderate.

Following the  Multicountry Disease Outbreak News on Acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology  published on April 23 2022, there have been continuing reports to the UN health body of cases of acute hepatitis of unknown cause among young children.

The majority of reported cases, 374, are from the WHO European Region (22 countries), with 222 cases from Great Britiain and Northern Ireland alone. Probable cases and cases pending classification have also been reported from the Region of the Americas (240 - including 216 cases in the United States of America), Western Pacific Region (34), the South-East Asia Region (14) and Eastern Mediterranean Region (5).

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