Wanna Find A Match? Asha Ji On WhatsApp Will Help

Talk to Asha Ji on Whatsapp number: 9620-800-200

Wanna Find A Match? Asha Ji On WhatsApp Will Help

Using The Power Of AI, Betterhalf Facilitates Alliances

Asha Ji is our latest Whatsapp campaign and India’s first ever Chief Matchmaking Officer, Pawan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Betterhalf, said.

BENGALURU, Aug 17 The CONNECT) - Betterhalf has announced that they hire the first-ever Chief Matchmaking officer named Asha Ji portrayed by Celebrity Sheeba Chaddha.

More than 90% of marriages in India are arranged, wherein the onus of finding a suitable match for a person is on the family elders.

Betterhalf and Asha Ji strive to offer individuals an opportunity to find love and genuine connection away from familial pressure.

Betterhalf uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help people meet compatible matches with whom they can spend their life. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Betterhalf has more than 15 lakh users and facilitates around two lakh new connections per month. Since our inception in 2016, we have made more than 10,000 marriages possible; soulmates who met on our app only. In 2021, our overall revenue touched the number of INR 5.5 crore which was a 300% increase from the number in the year 2020 when we earned INR 1.4 crore. 

To humanize its AI-backed matchmaking process for urban Indians, the company has introduced Asha Ji to deliver a personalized experience in helping users choose their perfect match.

The Whatsapp interaction is portrayed by the face and voice of Sheeba Chadha to deliver a relatable conversational tone to help users feel connected.

Pawan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Betterhalf said, “Asha Ji is our latest Whatsapp campaign and India’s first ever Chief Matchmaking Officer. We are elated about roping in India’s renowned actress Sheeba Chadha. Our goal is to help every Indian choose their life partner on Betterhalf by initiating the conversation and the rest will be taken care of by our innovative AI algorithm and Asha ji.”

Users can reach out to Asha Ji with a ‘Hi’ on her Whatsapp using this number: 9620-800-200

As part of this innovative marketing effort, the company envisions expanding and launching such creative tech-based solutions in the future to exhibit its customer-centricity in helping users find lifelong partners.

Betterhalf is well-recognized for its tech-backed initiatives. It is renowned for inventing the world’s fastest single-click matching technology (US patented) that connects users with compatible profiles in one click.

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