UP No 1: Small units generate large number of 3.2 cr jobs

PM Modi @‘Kashi Ek Roop Anek’, showcasing ODOP

UP No 1: Small units generate large number of 3.2 cr jobs

State gets Rs 4 lk cr investment under Yogi

Yogi govt helps settle 47 lakh migrant labour through ODOP

LUCKNOW, Jan 19 (The CONNECT) - The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in Uttar Pradesh have generated employment opportunities for more than 3.2 crore people in the last five years, according to a state government survey.
The study, conducted by the UP MSME and export promotion department, is based on the business loans sourced from banks and financial institutions. The survey was held to ascertain the total number of people employed by MSMEs and small businesses, who had taken loans from banks.
Around 1.1 million bank accounts were randomly selected out of 9.5 million and a physical verification of beneficiaries was also done. The survey revealed that nearly 5.6 crore jobs had been generated through these bank accounts, a government official said.
During the same period, the state received a total investment of nearly Rs 4 lakh crores, which has further accelerated the growth of the MSME sector, which accounts for about 60 percent of the state industrial output and ranks a leading generator of jobs and employment avenues.
“If the survey results are scaled up by the number of total bank accounts, it can be concluded that in the last five years, the government has facilitated the generation of more than 32.8 million jobs through the MSME sector alone,” he observed.
The Yogi Adityanath government has always stressed it has prioritised the MSMEs to leverage the employment potential along with employment generation.
“The state government started Mission Rozgar for training and skilling people and providing jobs. The MSME sector has emerged as the major force for the large-scale employment opportunities,” he added.
Moreover, the state has launched the flagship One District One Product (ODOP) scheme to revive local and indigenous industries and handicrafts. This is expected to boost the economic activities in the rural and semi urban pockets and spur self-employment opportunities to arrest the outward migration of youth in search of jobs.
The scheme has augmented large scale employment opportunities even with less capital investment.
In the backdrop of reverse migration of more than 4.7 million workers following lockdown in the first wave of pandemic in 2020, the ODOP scheme helped to mitigate these economic challenges.
Meanwhile, the Yogi Adityanath government is targeting to more than double the merchandise exports to Rs 3 lakh crore by 2025.
UP MSME and export promotion minister Sidharth Nath Singh said the state had set an ambitious target of increasing the value of shipments from the current level of Rs 1.25 trillion to Rs 3 trillion in the next three years.
On January 6, the state government had signed an agreement with top retailers Walmart and Flipkart to groom exporters and entrepreneurs to tap the lucrative export markets across a wide range of products, both industrial and handicrafts.
The agreement with the UP export promotion bureau is aimed at facilitating training and marketing support to the entrepreneurs under the flagship Walmart Vriddhi programme. Walmart is aiming at tripling annual exports from India by 2027 to US $10 billion.
Under the deal, the two companies will help the UP MSMEs digitise their businesses and enable them to sell products through online retail, and also unlock their export potential by becoming part of Walmart’s global supply chain.
Walmart Vriddhi was launched in 2019 to handhold 50,000 MSMEs in India over five years.
In fact, Singh has urged Walmart to train 50,000 exporters and entrepreneurs in UP alone given the large untapped potential, especially in the ODOP scheme backdrop.
“The state government is emphasising on institutional support to entrepreneurs to upgrade the marketing, research and packaging elements of their products to increase their export market share and tap new destinations,” the minister said.

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