DCP Vijay Kumar & Venkat Tankasala of SCSC,

To hell with helmet; Care-free walk to death

Reckless bikers, pedestrians account for 70% road accidents

CYBERABAD, Feb 11 (The CONNECT) – Stepping up road safety, Cyberabad police is focusing on bikers and pedestrians who account for nearly 70% of accidents and fatalities.

The police, in association with SCSC -Society for Cyberabad Security Council - has have jointly organised a Road Safety Virtual Meet with Novartis Employees here. The event was presided over by DCP Traffic SM Vijay Kumar, IPS and Convenor Traffic Forum, SCSC, and coordinated Venkat Tankasala, Jt. Secretary, Traffic Forum, SCSC.

Kumar said many two-wheeler riders ignore the lane discipline, do not wear high quality helmets, drive in a zigzag way in the heavy traffic, drive very closely to the heavy vehicles and carelessly enter the highways.

He pointed out that the country has enacted a national law making it mandatory for both motorcycle drivers and pillion riders to wear helmets. Yet, he said, many do not wear helmets and some of those who wear, do not buckle them properly.  Many even wear substandard helmets which break easily. Majority of the pillion riders do not wear helmets at all. 

The Cyberabad Traffic Police, he said, has set up seven check posts with dedicated teams working 24x7 to ensure the helmet law is strictly enforced. This has resulted in reduction in fatalities.

The traffic police are in the forefront of leveraging digital technology.  In a first in the country, the State police issuing contactless e-challans to violators.

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