TiE Launches Business Ideas Tournament

Prof D Ravinder, Dr Devarakonda with TiE Hyd Chapter Members

TiE Launches Business Ideas Tournament

Tie Grad Plus To Reach 50 Colleges, 3 Lakh Students

With a prize money of $15K, TiE Hyderabad launched worldwide entrepreneurship programme called Grad Plus.

HYDERABAD, Sep 9 (The CONNECT) – In a 'business ideas tournament', TiE Hyderabad launched Grad Plus, an ambitious worldwide entrepreneurship programme.

Launched by Prof D. Ravinder, Vice–Chancellor, Osmania University and Dr. D. Vijay Kumar, Director, Osmania Foundation, the TiE Grad Plus aims to reach 50 colleges, and 3 lakh students.  It expects to generate 800 business plans or ideas.  The prize money is US $ 15,000/-

Among many highlights of this year-long program is Biz Hack Boot Camp which is likely to be conducted in January and February 2024. It will be an inter-college round to shortlist the final teams.

Murali Bukkapatnam, Trustee, of TiE Global and TiE Grad Committee said the programme will engage the target group through a multitude of engaging competitions and workshops and empower and nurture aspiring entrepreneurs.  This initiative, led by entrepreneurs themselves, serves as a guiding light for students, he added.

In all 15 Partner Institutions have exchanged their MoUs with the TiE Hyderabad Chapter for TiE Grad Plus this year.

Rashida Adenwala, President, Srini Chandupatla, Vice President, TiE Hyderabad Chapter and Bhanu Prakash Varla, Program Chair of the TiE Grad, many notable colleges, members of TiE, and key players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the city participated in the launch.

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