The Terrible Neighbours

How do we ignore the venom emanating from Beijing and Islamabad

It’s a bad caption, and I do not like using it. But how do we ignore the happenings arounds us, the venom emanating from Beijing and Islamabad.

By Gulshan Rai Luthra  

(By Arrangement with India Strategic)

China’s Wuhan Virus has inflicted terrible misery on the world, taking the toll to nearly a million lives lost globally, families destroyed, economies of various countries severely hit, industrial, business and personal lives disrupted.  Maybe China has an anti-dote, as it has controlled the spread of the virus well. As the author of the virus, it had the first opportunity to find a vaccine.
Was the Wuhan virus an accident? Whatever the stand of the Chinese government, it would be difficult to believe given its record of lies and deceit in expanding its interests. In any case, China is certainly taking advantage of the weak situation various countries are in due to this virus, and China is assaulting its southern neighbours, both land and maritime, claiming their territories at will.



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