SRM doctors use advanced endoscopic treatment, save senior citizen

SRM doctors use advanced endoscopic treatment, save senior citizen

KATTANKULATHUR (Tamil Nadu), July 16, 2020: SRM MCHRC in Kattakulathur has been performing a wide range of rare lifesaving procedures at affordable rates. Some of the rare cases, which most doctors were not able to diagnose or cure, have been treated successfully here. In the same line now a team of doctors here has successfully cured a patient with gastric cancer.

SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre (SRM MCHRC) in Kattakulathur has successfully cured a patient with gastric cancer.

Subburama Reddy (name changed) a 72-year-old male came to SRM MCHRC in March 2020 with complaints of indigestion and abdominal bloating sensation. As part of the evaluation, he underwent upper GI endoscopy at the Department of Medical Gastroenterology.

He was found to have a small ulcer in the stomach which was further evaluated by image enhanced endoscopy called Narrowband Imaging and was diagnosed to have a cancer stomach which was confirmed by taking a biopsy. He was evaluated further by imaging and was diagnosed to have early gastric cancer (Paris IIc).

The doctors decided for an advanced endoscopic procedure known as Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD) where the cancer tissue is endoscopically resected without the need for surgery.

Subburama Reddy underwent the procedure on 10 March 2020 and cancer in the stomach was successfully resected after a 90 minutes procedure under anaesthesia. The patient did not have any post-procedure complaints or discomfort and was discharged from the hospital with oral diet advice after 48 hours. Three months post-procedure, Subburama Reddy is doing well. Endoscopy helped this patient by early diagnosis of cancer in the stomach and with the availability of advanced endoscopic equipment and expertise we were able to successfully remove cancer in the stomach endoscopically and avoid major surgery.  

ESD is an advanced endoscopic procedure that is performed to remove gastrointestinal tumours. It has now started gaining popularity in India. With increasing public awareness patients can undergo Upper GI Endoscopies 

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