Sports Kit Bank To Uplift Talent @ Grassroots

Every kid will get a chance to play now in UP - Representational pic

Sports Kit Bank To Uplift Talent @ Grassroots

Yogi Govt’s Novel Idea With SIDBI Support

UP Govt has launches One-District-One-Sport programme, organises village, block, city, district and state levels sports tournaments.


LUCKNOW, Oct 11, 2022 (The CONNECT) -In an innovative model to promote sports, the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) will support the Uttar Pradesh government in setting up of a ‘sports kit bank’.

The novel bank is aimed at facilitating the sports-oriented children belonging to the weaker sections of society access the basic sports infrastructure and kit.

While SIDBI will step in as the primary support entity, the UP government will also rope in the private sector and the public in general to contribute towards the noble cause.

Recently, UP additional chief secretary, sports, Navneet Sehgal, discussed with senior SIDBI officials in Lucknow to prepare the broad contours of the sports kit bank template.

“The aim is to enable those children, who face economic impediments, get access to the necessary quality sports kit and equipment.,” he said.

He noted there was a vast majority of people, who are willing to support the cause, and the proposed platform will connect them with the scheme so that they could directly help such children avail of the benefits.

In fact, the Yogi Adityanath government has been taking steps to improve the basic sports infrastructure in the state, especially the rural areas, to groom sportspersons who can compete at the national and international levels.

The state has already announced a number of sops, including a higher cash prize, for those sportspersons who win medals in the national and international tournaments. The government has already launched a one district one sports (ODOS) scheme on the lines of one district one product (ODOP) programme.

The UP government is developing grounds and mini stadiums at the village and block levels to promote sports. Moreover, village, block, city, district and state levels sports tournaments are being organised.

“The state is committed to expanding the network of sports infrastructure to the most remote corners of the state,” Sehgal added.

Meanwhile, a new UP sports policy is in the process of being finalised, which will incorporate an array of measures to promote various sports disciplines, and position the state among the leading sporting states in India.

The state is studying the sports policies of other sporting states, especially Haryana, to formulate its sports policy.

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