MERA SPORTS MAHAN -Gopichand & Uma at FLO

Sports is back with a bang, says Gopichand

Teams getting ready for Tokyo Olympics

Pandemic disrupted but sportsmen are good at handling setbacks, Gopichand said at FLO event

HYDERABAD, July 03 (The CONNECT) – The good news is that sports is coming back in full swing at all levels after the pandemic, said Pullela Gopichand, Badminton Champion and Chief National Coach

Addressing a press conference along with Uma Chigurupati, Chairperson of FICCI Ladies Organisation, ahead of his talk with FLO members.

Pandemic disrupted the careers of many sports personnel, but fortunately, they are good at handling setbacks, Gopichand said. “When you are at the peak of your career, the career doesn’t last beyond a couple of years,” he pointed out. The pandemic has disrupted the short careers of many sports personnel. It is depressing. But fortunately for sports personnel defeats, setbacks, failures are part and parcel of their life. This has come to their forte now. It has given time for them to work on their weaknesses.

“We are building six new courts at the Academy at Gachibowli thanks to the support from Kotak who are supporting this venture. We are also building a Sports Science Center and a Coach Development Center to take up the coaching pan India as there is abundant talent,” Gopichand announced. 

 Preparations for the Olympics are in full swing. The Central Government provided personal coaches. The state government has opened Gachibowli stadium with facilities for us to practice and we thank them. We are confident of better performance, he said. 

The Tokyo Olympics, delayed for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, are now scheduled which is a big boost to all the sports personnel, he said. 

He was the chief guest at FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) at its first Ground Event in the FLO calendar year and was invited by FLO to address its gathering on “The Dhrona Factor—Sculpting the Arjunas”.

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