Soldiers & Cops are akin to parents, says Jr NTR

Pensive! Jr NTR (right) and Cyberabad police commissioner V C Sajjanar

Soldiers & Cops are akin to parents, says Jr NTR

Road safety is self-driven, the popular says

Cyberabad traffic cops made 10,000 people buy helmets with strict execution of road safety rules and check-posts, says commissioner V K Sajjanar.

HYDERABAD, Feb 18 (The CONNECT) - God could not be everywhere, and therefore he created mothers. Also, parents couldn’t be everywhere so soldiers and police are created, said mega film star Jr NTR. He was addressing the 1st Cyberabad Police Annual Conference yesterday.

“I have come here not as an actor but as the sad family member who lost two family members in the Road Accidents,” he said. His father Nandamuri Harikrishna died in a road accident near Nalgonda. A careful driver, Harikrishna, drove late NT Rama Rao’s 33,000 km in Chaitnya Ratham yatra safely. But he was killed in a road accident “because of somebody’s wrong and carelessness driving”, said Jr NTR.

“I have also lost my brother Janaki Ram in a highway accident for no fault of his,” he said and remarked: “Both these incidents send a strong message on road safety.”

“Responsible driving is the key. Everyone who sits in front of a steering wheel must bear in mind there is a family who is dependent on him waiting back at home. No amount of legislation, rules ensure the change we all want to see. It has to be self-driven to change yourself,” he said.

The actor launched two patrol vehicles which will be deployed on Hyderabad-Bijapur highway.

Cyberabad police commissioner V K  Sajjanar appreciated his force’s team work. Hit and run cases have been a challenge and with a special focus, the police have been to apply brakes on such incidents, he said.

“We hold the distinction of establishing road safety check posts thereby enforcing on people who are not wearing helmets. We could confiscate vehicle and made 10,000 people buy helmets,” he said.

Sajjanar complimented Sreenivas, Traffic Inspector was the first police officer in India to have donated plasma during the pandemic and he has done it thrice.

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