Snakes in the Grass @ Doordarshan, Ahmedabad

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Snakes in the Grass @ Doordarshan, Ahmedabad

Swachhata Drive: 44 Tractor Loads Of Wild Grass Cut

About 4,000 sq ft indoor, 1,000 sft outdoor space will be available thanks to ‘Operation Jhadoo’ at Doordarshan, Ahmedabad.

AHMEDABAD, Oct 25 (The CONNECT) - As a part of the Swachhata Campaign and Special Campaign for Disposal of Pending Matters (SCPDM) 2.0 Anurag Singh Thakur, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, visited Doordarshan Kendra Ahmedabad (DDK) on September 29.

The news of this visit has created tremendous enthusiasm among the officers of the ministry to the make the campaign a grand success. Enthused by his visit DDK Ahmedabad has reported outstanding achievements under SCPDM 2.0 as follows

  • The office has disposed of approximately 44 tractor loads of grass, wild growth and garbage from the campus.
  • Many wild and poisonous reptiles were located in the wild growths and disposed of from the campus.
  • The office has identified and disposed of 8558 kg of paper waste, 1250 kg of plastic waste, 1355 kg of wooden waste and 2755kg of metal wastes.
  • The total revenue earned through disposing of waste materials is Rs20.40 lakhs till date.
  • 1070 physical files have been reviewed and 94 physical files have been weeded out.

Around 3,900 square feet of indoor space and around 10,000 square feet of outdoor space are likely to be freed during the campaign.

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