Silence Please, Let’s Pray

Silence Please, Let’s Pray

UP Govt 'Mutes' One Lakh Loud Speakers

Yogi said the Eid prayers were not offered on the roads while all the festivals were observed with peace and harmony.


LUCKNOW, May 24 (The CONNECT) -Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has claimed that more than 100,000 loudspeakers have either been removed religious places in the state or their volumes lowered.

Speaking in the UP legislative assembly on the second day of the Budget Session, Adityanath said the government had received several complaints regarding the trouble caused by the loudspeakers to the elderly, newborn or sick people in their vicinity.

“It was imperative to curb the high decibel sound. We then appealed to the people…so far, more than one lakh loud speakers have either been removed or their volumes lowered in the state,” he explained.

Training guns on the opposition, he said this step could have been taken earlier as well, but the previous governments utterly lacked political willpower. “The tendency to see every issue through the prism of the vote bank prevented them from doing so,” he quipped.

It was probably for the first time, Yogi said,  that the Eid prayers were not offered on the roads, and all the festivals were observed with peace and harmony. “It is our onerous duty to provide security and amenities to the people. The government will assist in the peaceful conduct of festivals,” the CM said.

Yogi informed the government had so far confiscated properties worth more than Rs 2,000 crore from the clutches of the mafia. He said his government had adopted a “zero tolerance” policy against criminals. “The Samajwadi Party supports criminals and the party is synonymous with crime,” he alleged in the House.

“Our government returned to power on the basis of the vast improvement in the law-and-order situation over the past five years,” he claimed. Incidents of loot, crime against women, dacoity etc had witnessed a significant dip over the past five years.

 “Our strength in the legislature is an ample proof of this fact,” he said and thanked the people for their “overwhelming support”.

Stressing on crime control, the CM said the government was committed to taking stern action against crime and criminals without any discrimination. “We will not tolerate any brazenness by criminals," he added.

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