7-Lead Cardiac Patch For Remote Monitoring

7-Lead Cardiac Patch For Remote Monitoring

MedTech Co SmartCardia’s unique product

Dr. Srinivasan Murali, Founder and CEO, SmartCardia said, “In today’s post COVID era, it is important to be able to monitor patients continuously and remotely

MUMBAI, Aug 26 (The CONNECT) - SmartCardia, a leading MedTech company dedicated to strengthening the healthcare ecosystem, launched 7L patch in India.

This state-of-the-art, their 7-lead Cardiac Patch monitor combines medical wearable technology with AI to provide predictive and personalized patient insights through remote monitoring.

The platform also presents a real-time dashboard for clinicians to view full-disclosure ECG at any instance and detect early deterioration of patient conditions. The 7L patch measures parameters - seven lead Electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, pulse rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), skin temperature, activity and posture from a single miniaturized unit at clinical accuracy.

The 7L patch and cloud platform present a single unified solution to replace holter recorders, event monitors, mobile cardiac telemetry systems and ward monitors. The 7L patch is easy-to-wear, water resistant and can be used for up to 14 days without requiring a battery recharge.

Dr. Srinivasan Murali, Founder and CEO, SmartCardia said, “In today’s post COVID era, it is important to be able to monitor patients continuously and remotely. It is therefore important to have an ultra-low noise, highly accurate system that can monitor patients’ vitals in real time. The 7L patch has been designed ground-up to meet these stringent requirements and coupled with our AI platform, we will be able to provide Cardiologists with accurate and real time monitoring data.”

Dr. Manoj Mashru, Head of Cardiology. HN Reliance, Mumbai said, “Most existing cardiac patches are single lead or have leads close to each other, while cardiologists require multi-lead ECG to accurately diagnose cardiac conditions. SmartCardia's 7L patch provides complete 7-lead ECG with excellent P-wave, QRS and ST segment morphologies, allowing for more accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of arrhythmias.With the ability to do live Monitoring & Real Time Transmission of Important Cardiac events taking patient monitoring to a whole new level".With the launch of the 7L patch, SmartCardia aims to provide a complete end-to-end solution and empower millions of patients with chronic conditions with actionable insights to improve their health.

SmartCardia, an AI-equipped Health platform, is reinventing cardiac care and remote patient monitoring through cutting-edge data-driven technology that helps identify and prevent unforeseen cardiac events.

The company designs and manufactures wireless, wearable monitoring patches, to assist clinicians in accurately diagnosing critical conditions. The brand has developed and launched real-time heart monitoring systems that span the complete spectrum of cardiovascular care and remote monitoring.

With a focus on clinical feasibility, the firm has collaborated with key thought leaders across a wide range of medical domains, including cardiovascular surgery, critical care medicine, anesthesiology, vascular medicine, sleep, and COPD.

The company has plans to expand its operations globally and currently has a presence in Switzerland, EU and India.

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