Senior diabetic saves leg in the nick of time

Develops gangrene as he skips medicare due to COVID scare

Don’t refrain from visiting the hospital as the COVID-19 protocol is followed, says doctor

MUMBAI, Aug 21, 2020 (BNC Network): A 60-year-old man Pankaj Shah (Name changed) from Chembur ignored his diabetes and ended up with uncontrolled diabetes and lower left leg gangrene. The patient underwent multiple debridements with cleaning of wound with continuous irrigation negative pressure therapy (special type of dressing). And his leg was saved at Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur. He is scheduled to undergo skin coverage of affected leg. He’s better and happy now.

Life was smooth until the Pankaj Shah got diabetes over 15 years ago though sugars were well controlled and was under treatment. During the COVID-19 outbreak, he had small leg injury which he ignored as he was scared of going out due to the fear of Covid. Later, about one month after injury, he went to one of local hospital where he was advised for amputation (cutting leg to avoid further spread above knee). The family didn’t agree and was wheeled into emergency at the Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai. The patient was admitted on 7th July 2020 and surgery was performed on 13th July 2020.

Dr Roy Patankar, Director, Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur explained, “There are many cases wherein people ignore their health problems due to the fear of COVID infection and land themselves in grave situations that can be even life-threatening. Owing to the pandemic, people are scared to visit the doctor, resort to self-medication, and come in an emergency due to the delay in treatment. Some may also require complex surgeries but this is entirely avoidable if one takes a prompt treatment.”

This patient too neglected his uncontrolled blood sugar levels and came with left lower leg gangrene. It occurs when blood flow to a certain area of your body is interrupted, leading to tissue decay and death. The chances of developing gangrene are higher if one has an underlying condition that can damage the blood vessels and affect blood flow, such as diabetes or hardened arteries (atherosclerosis). The patient was scheduled to undergo treatment for gangrene include surgery to remove dead tissue and salvaged his leg. He is under dressing now and will require another surgery to cover the open wound (skin grafting).”

Dr Patankar adds, “Video consultation during these unprecedented times can be a good option but in various survival situation it is very important to visit hospital. It can prevent one’s condition from worsening as it can update the doctor about the person’s health, and will help to determine how serious the condition is. Don’t refrain from visiting the hospital as the COVID-19 protocol is followed. The hospitals are taken measures such as practicing social distancing, wearing PPEs and masks, disinfecting surfaces and equipment, checking temperature, and limiting the number of visitors. Avoid ignoring Non-COVID illnesses and opt for timely treatment that can save your life.”

Pankaj, the patient says, “Due to the fear of COVID I was avoiding to go to Hospital for the leg injury treatment. Being a diabetic patient, we have to take care of our wound but due to fear of COVID cases I had delayed in treatment which led to cutting leg to avoid further spread above knee. I am grateful to Dr for giving me timely treatment and save my leg. I am happy and will soon go for further treatment.”



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