Seamless rummy ‘Dangal’ now

Indian online gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace - Dangal

Seamless rummy ‘Dangal’ now

Thanks to strategic partnership with Gridlogic.

Indian gaming market is poised to reach $7 bn by the FY 26 from the current $2.2 bn.

NEW DELHI, Feb 18 (The CONNECT) - Skill-based gaming platform Dangal Games today announced a strategic partnership with Gurugram-based diversified technology services group Gridlogic.

The partnership brings together Dangal Games’ high-on-feasibility gaming portfolio and Gridlogic’s best-in-class technology solutions, which include its most advanced game hosting platform. With player liquidity under control, Dangal Games users will now be able to play online rummy in a seamless fashion.

India currently has 425 million gamers who play across three broad gaming channels, participating in various game segments and genres. According to ‘India Gaming Report 2021 by Lumikai and Redseer, the Indian gaming market is poised to reach $7 billion by the financial year 2026 from the current $2.2 billion. Currently, real-money games are the largest source of revenue for the market. It is projected that in-app purchases will grow faster for the next five years at 30-40%, with the rise of paying users in casual and hyper-casual gaming.

Keeping the massive potential of online gaming in mind, this collaboration is a step in the direction to expand Dangal Games’ roster of real money games and amplifying its presence in the fast-growing, online rummy gaming segment.

Varun Mahna, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dangal Games said, “The Indian online gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. As online gaming becomes a key tenet of leisure and entertainment, users are looking for distinctive experiences. In our endeavour to provide a platform that not only entertains but is advanced enough for the in-person sports lovers to engage with, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Gridlogic.”

 “As part of the partnership, Dangal Games aims to propel its presence in the gaming world by making the launch of online rummy on our multi-gaming app a success. Gridlogic’s years of experience in developing state-of-the-art game hosting platforms will certainly play a crucial role in building a strong rummy brand under our banner,” Mahna said.

PariekshitMaadishetti, Managing Director of Gridlogic said, “The online rummy space is one of the most popular ones when it comes to real money, skill-based games in India. Although fast-growing, it is an extremely difficult space with diverse customer profiles and varying enabling infrastructure across the country. To cater to this set of customers, Gridlogic utilises Artificial Intelligence, Extended Auto Play and Smart Correction to eliminate customer pain points and offer a seamless gaming experience to customers online.”

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