Sab Ka Saath With Inclusivity

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Sab Ka Saath With Inclusivity

Brookfield Sensitises Corporates On LGBTQ+ Empowerment

Global realtor Brookfield Properties marked Pride Month with activities by holding Pride Marches across Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi NCR.

BENGALURU, June 27 (The CONNECT) – Global realtor Brookfield Properties marked Pride Month with a series of engaging activities across its campuses in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi NCR by holding Pride Marches between June 9 and 23, uniting more than 1500 participants in a colorful display of inclusivity.

With a commitment to workplace equity, diversity and inclusion, Brookfield Properties collaborated with inclusion-first consultancy Pride Circle to organize and execute these Pride marches. Pride Circle is a pioneering organization that champions LGBTQ+ empowerment, fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging for individuals and organizations alike. They collaborate with organizations to drive meaningful change and cultivate diverse and inclusive cultures, by providing guidance, training and support.

Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO of Brookfield Properties in India said, “Our Pride Month celebrations have been a catalyst, bringing together tenants and employees, driving awareness and remarkable unity. Our commitment extends far beyond a single month. We’ve launched the PrideED fellowship programme that empowers students to drive LGBTQ+ inclusion and positive change. We also recognize the immense value of recruiting from all walks of life and are all set to recruit from the LGBTQ+ community as well and embrace their diverse perspectives. We are committed to creating a community where everyone can be their authentic selves.”

Brookfield Properties encouraged its employees and tenants, who are leading corporates, to actively engage through vibrant events, fostering a sense of community and honoring LGBTQ+ individuals.

The campaign commenced with spirited Pride Marches, followed by upcoming sessions led by key opinion leaders. These sessions are designed to sensitize employees about the importance of inclusivity. The aim is to empower every employee of Brookfield Properties with valuable insights on fostering an inclusive workplace environment.

Brookfield Properties announced an innovative initiative in collaboration with the Pride Circle Foundation known as PrideED that aims to empower students by providing them with opportunities to collaborate on projects that promote LGBTQ+ inclusion in society and drive positive change. The fellowship program has already attracted talented students, and Brookfield Properties plans to make significant investments to support their efforts in creating a more inclusive future.

Recognizing the transformative potential, the company actively seeks talent from all walks of life, including LGBTQ individuals, persons with disabilities (PWD), and women. Its inclusive hiring practices is a strategic approach to unlock a diverse range of perspectives, drive innovation, and elevate organizational success.

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