Rs 45 cr statue & Mahabharat Circuit Coming up in UP

Rs 45 cr statue & Mahabharat Circuit Coming up in UP

Yogi Govt Unveils Mega Tourism Plans

The Yogi Government 2.0 to develop Mahabharata circuit & places of historical significance in Bundelkhand

LUCKNOW, May 1 (The CONNECT) – The Uttar Pradesh Government led by Yogi Adityanath has embarked on a mission to tap tourism potential of its abundant historical heritage sites dating from the Mahabharata era to freedom struggle.

The Government is developing the Mahabharata Circuit and Bundelkhand as part of this mission. The Government’s motive behind this move is also to increase people’s awareness of UP’s rich historical heritage and remind them of the lost and forgotten saga of its heroes such as Maharani Laxmibai and Maharaja Suheldev.

Principal Secretary, Tourism, Mukesh Meshram said that efforts are being made to improve infrastructure and other facilities for tourists in a phase-wise manner at all the significant historical sites as pledged in BJP’s 2022 poll manifesto for the convenience and safety of tourists.  The Government is also trying to promote the sites as brands in order to attract visitors, he added.

“Work is underway to build a grand bronze statue of Maharaja Suheldev riding a 40 feet high horse in Bahraich at the cost of about Rs 45 crore. Similarly, the preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the proposed Light and Sound Show at Maharaja Bijli Pasi Fort in Lucknow is in progress”, Meshram remarked.

The Yogi Government 2.0 aims at carrying forward its 2018 policy to develop places of historical significance in Bundelkhand and Mahabharata circuits.

The land of Bundelkhand is synonymous with bravery and culture in itself. In this arid area, the beautiful pond at Charkhari (Mahoba) built by the Chandel Dynasty, which never dries up, is a major attraction for tourists. Similarly, Kalinjar Fort at Banda as well as heritage sites in Jhansi, Deogarh and Lalitpur continue to be the main centres of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

Besides, the Chunar Fort in Mirzapur district, the origin of the popular stories of Chandrakanta, which was built by King Vikramaditya of Ujjain in memory of his brother Bharthari in the 16th century, is also a major attraction for tourists while Hastinapur, Kampilya (Farrukhabad), Barnwa (Bagpat), Mathura, Kaushambi, Gonda and Ahichchhatra remind people of the Mahabharata period. 

Some great men and places related to the rich heritage of Uttar Pradesh that were somehow ignored by historians in the past, are being promoted by the Yogi Government in order to inculcate a sense of national pride in the present and future generations.

In this context, the Government is working on construction of the memorial of Chhatrapati Shivaji in Agra apart from developing Maharaja Bijli Pasi Fort in Lucknow as a world-class tourist destination.

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