Right Posture, Right Habits, Right Exercises

Right Posture, Right Habits, Right Exercises

PM Tells Physiotherapists To Educate People

Modi said, a physiotherapist not only treats physical injury but gives the patient courage to deal with the psychological challenge.

NEW DELHI, Feb 11 (The CONNECT) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi today requested physiotherapists to take up the task of educating people about Right Posture, Right Habits, Right Exercises.

“It is important that people adopt the right approach regarding fitness, Modi said addressing the 60th National Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) in Ahmedabad via a video message.  “You can do this through Articles and Lectures. And my young friends can even do it through Reels”, he said.

Drawing on his personal experience of physiotherapy, the Prime Minister said “It is my experience that when the expertise of yoga is combined with that of a physiotherapist, its power increases manifold. The common problems of the body, which often require physiotherapy, are sometimes solved in yoga as well. That's why You must also know yoga along with physiotherapy. This will enhance your professional power.”

As a big part of the physiotherapy profession is connected with senior citizens, Modi, 72, stressed the need for experience and soft-skills and asked the profession to document and present them via academic papers and presentations before the world.

He also requested the profession to develop ways of video consulting and tele-medicine. He said this can be useful in situations like the earthquake in Turkiye where a large number of physiotherapists are needed and Indian physiotherapists can help via mobile phones and asked the Physiotherapist Association to think in this direction. “I have full faith that under the leadership of experts like you, India will be fit as well as a super hit”, he said.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the importance of physiotherapists as providers of solace, symbol of hope, resilience and recovery. A physiotherapist, he said, not only treats physical injury but gives the patient courage to deal with the psychological challenge.

He lauded the professionalism of the physiotherapist profession and explained how the same spirit of providing support in the times of need pervades governance also. He said with support in provision of basic needs like bank accounts, toilets, tap water, free medical treatment and creation of a social security net, poor and middle classes of the country are garnering courage to dream. “We have shown the world that with their potential they are capable of reaching new heights”, the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister underlined the spirit of physiotherapy that carries many key messages like consistency, continuity and conviction which are critical for the policies of the governance also, he said.

The Prime Minister said that in the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava, Physiotherapists received a much awaited recognition as  a profession as the government brought the National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professionals Bill which recognizes the contribution of physiotherapists in the nation's healthcare system. “This has made it easier for all of you to work in India as well as abroad. The government has also added physiotherapists to the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission network. This has made it easier for you to reach the patients”, Shri Modi said. The Prime Minister also touched upon growing opportunities for physiotherapists in the environment of Fit India Movement and Khelo India.

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