Rejected by many, extensive oral cancer patient gets cured at SRMKDC

Kattankulathur (Tamil aAdu): It was a moment worth remembering for SRM Oral Cancer Centre at SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Hospital (SRMKDC) when it successfully treated a 53 year old male patient affected with an advanced case of oral cancer. SRMKDC is one of the few dental colleges  in the state operating  on cancer patients at most affordable cost.

According to doctors, a patient who came from Kanyakumari had approached many other hospitals only to be denied the treatment before he approached SRMKDC. One of the most recognised referral centres.  So far 153 cases have been diagnosed in last three years and nearly 56 cases have been operated.

 The 53 year old male had a large tumour on his lower lip. The tumour was huge in size and was growing rapidly for the  three months. His condition compelled him to avoid social life.

The patient also stopped going out of his home. And, that was when one of his well-wisher referred him to SRMKDC.

Soon after the admission the team of Surgeons   Dr Vivek N, Head, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Saravanan. C, Dr. Karthik R, Dr. Prashanthi,G. and  ably assisted by the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology headed by Dr.K.T.Magesh.  The CT Scan report revealed that the disease had spread to the neck lymph nodes.

The test results were evaluated and discussed among the team members and an appropriate treatment plan was decided. Operation was performed for eight hours and tumour was removed, even the disease in the neck was also removed.

The tumour removed measured 8x4 cm. However, this surgery left a big hole on his face and his lower jaw. The patient then underwent a modified technique where his own tissues were used by rotation and advancement to achieve a functional cosmetic result.

The adjacent healthy tissue was perfectly rotated to close this gap. After the surgery, the patient’s face looked almost similar to the one before the onset of the disease. The patient now is comfortable and leads a normal social life.

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