Rats! Rodent Urine Caused Sudden UP Deaths

Research on Rats! Representational pic

Rats! Rodent Urine Caused Sudden UP Deaths

Gorakhnath University Research Finding

Yogi  said there are many opportunities for research in the field of education and medicine

GORAKHPUR, Aug 28 (the CONNECT) – Mahayogi Gorakhnath University has identified the link between rat urine and outbreak of a mysterious disease that caused sudden deaths in UP.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the first foundation day of Mahayogi Gorakhnath University in Gorakhpur, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said the institution is paying attention to health along with education. The hospital located in the campus here is providing medical services to the people. Research is also being conducted by the university on diseases that cause sudden deaths. A recent research study at the university has found that a serious disease caused by rat urine, he said. He did not elaborate.

Yogi said there are many opportunities for research in the field of education and medicine and that one of the main objectives behind the establishment of the University was to advance research in the field of education and medicine.

“All universities and higher education institutions should work to enhance research and develop a healthy competition among each other for better results,” he said.

Yogi said that it is essential to conduct research in various fields and take out publications and research papers as envisioned by PM Modi in the National Education Policy. “This will take India to new heights, globally in terms of Education, Medical Education and Health,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that the youth will no longer have to go outside the state to prepare for competitive examinations as the government has started Abhyudaya Coaching. Along with physical and virtual classes, tablets and smartphones are being given to the youth so that there is no hindrance in their studies.

Giving a strong message to those engaged in the illicit liquor and drugs trade, the CM declared that “strictest action will be taken against those trying to play with the future of our talented youth.”  

“Our resolve is to make the state healthy and to end drug addiction and our youth must contribute to state’s fight against the national crime for a bright and successful future.”

“We should take every challenge as an opportunity, deal with them by making an action plan without worrying about the immediate consequences,” he said.

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