Rajdeep attacks Arnab's channel, calls it 'Banana Republic'

Will Republic owner-editor keep quiet

MUMBAI, Oct 6 (BNC Network) Media wars appears to be out in the open.

While the claims of every channel being Number 1 in TRPs, now the war has come to personal attacks.

While one Hindi channel attacked its rival for what it called coming down, one English channel editor/owner taunted another channel that he founded for losing the rating points.

Here is the latest.

India Today consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesai had a piece of advice to Arnab Goswami, founder editor of Republic Channel, and said the latter is running Banana Republic channel and conducting media trisl (in SSR case) for rating points. For Rajdeep, TRP stands for Television respect Point!

Rajdeep and Arnab were colleagues at NDTV once upon a time.

This is not the first time that India Toay anchors referred to Arnab's channel as Banana Republic. Rahul Kanwal has been saying so.

Here are some tweets on what Rajdeep said – for and against. Judge for yourseves.

Rahil Mohammed @ImRahilMohammed tweeted: Well said @sardesairajdeep, whatever Arnab is doing for his Banana Republic is just for TRPs . Republic Tv journalists are just a bunch of jokers who should be in circus and not in a studio.

Ravindran Shahh @rshahh09 Replying to  @ImRahilMohammed and  @sardesairajdeep: Same guy who wanted to wine and dine on the lawns of the parliament. Same guy who instructed his cameraman to have the guard close the gates of the parliament so no other news channel can enter and cover.


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